South Korea EPS New Visa Rule !!!

South Korea New Visa Rule

The law ministry has introduced South Korea New Visa Rule for the migrant workers in the country. To fill the online form go through the article properly.

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EPS New Visa Rule

Here are Korean Government new rule for EPS. So all the Nepali migrant workers must fulfill these conditions to live and work Korea.

  • Direct flight from Kathmandu to Korea.
  • Self-medical insurance for covid 19
  • Two weeks compulsory hotel quarantine with self-finance.

South Korea New Visa Rule

According to the new rule the visa extension will now apply only for the valid passports i.e. those passports which are not expired. So, to get the visa extension you have to renew the passport in time.

The government of south Korea has already sent a communication note to the Nepali embassy in Seoul.


The Nepali workers under EPS working in Korea has 3-year visa. This visa can be extended for more one year and 10 months. Hence the Nepali embassy in Korea has circulated a notice to all the migrant workers to get the passport renewal in time to be safe from the penalty.

New Visa Rule

This new visa rule will be effective from July 1, 2021. Hence we here by again want to remind all the Nepali migrant workers to get the passport renewed.

So, if you are unable to renew the expired passport then in such case the visa extension will be up to December only.

Learning Korean Language

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EPS Korea Notice

Here we attach all the notices published by Nepal government ministry of foreign affairs related to Korea. Similarly, we add the notices of Korean embassy Kathmandu.

So, if you remain with us it will be easy for you people to get the information about employment permit system Korea.

Finally, we would like to wish you all very happy and safe stay in Korea.

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