How to identify Fake Rs1000 Note

How to identify Fake Rs1000 Note

Fake and duplicate notes badly damage our economy. Hence, we are going to talk about, How to identify Fake Rs1000 Note.

How to identify Fake Rs1000 Note

The only authority for note printing in Nepal is Nepal Rastra Bank. It is the central bank. Time and often Nepal Rastra Bank [NRB] is also found panic due to fake Nepali currency notes in the market. Therefore, we are going to discuss on the easy ways to finalize the duplicate notes.

Security Thread

Nepali Rs 1000 notes has security thread. If you just tilt it, you can find the color variation in that security thread. Generally, the fake notes do not have such color changeable thread. Similarly, the quality of the paper is also different in duplicate notes.

Bank and financial institutions have digital machine to check the validity of notes. But even layman can easily know either the note is circulated by NRB or it is fake one.

Paper Quality

Actually, the Rs. 1000 Nepali note is made up of special type of cotton. It is not paper. But in common language we say it is paper note. But the fake notes are of pure paper. So just by touching the notes you can easily find the difference between duplicate notes and original notes.

Note Observation

If you observe the Nepali notes then you can see the water mark of rhododendron in Rs 1000 notes. Generally, the fake notes do not have such water mark. Just observe the Rs 1000 notes in dark space both from front side and back side.

You can see written NRB in blue security thread of original notes. While it is rear in fake notes.

By Touching Notes

If you touch the notes in the written areas, it feels rough. But in case of fake notes, it does not feel rough. Similarly, if you see the back side of Rs 1000 note then you will see golden color in the area written one thousand. Just tilt the note towards you can check the color changed in the note.

All of us must be vigilant to discourage the use of fake notes in the market.

Beside this if you have any creative suggestion to check the use of fake and duplicate notes then comment us. We will add your feedback to make this article more useful among our readers.

This much for the moment about fake notes and ways to identify it.

There is time and often incidents of fake Indian currency. In the same way we can identify the fake Indian Rupee notes as well.  

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