EDV Result 2025 With Name List

EDV Result 2025 2026

The state government has published the online EDV Result 2025 2026. Here are the steps to get online dv lottery result with name list.

EDV Result 2025 2026

The dv program has finally published the online diversity visa lottery result. Here we give the step-by-step process to check the online result. Similarly, we will give the list of dv winners in this page.

When Will DV 2025 Result Published?

DV Result 2025 is almost ready to publish. According to dv program schedule the online result will be out by 9.45 pm local time of Nepal in 4th May 2024. So, make your required documents ready to check the online EDV Result 2025 2026.

2025 DV Lottery Result

The American government has published the diversity visa lottery 2025 by the first week of May 2024. Millions were waiting for the result around the world. In case of Nepal, it the easiest way to get immigrant visa for USA. The dv lottery winners will get the American resident card within one year.

Name List of DV Winners 2025

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. The state government does not publish the dv result with name list. It is our attempt to collect the dv winners name and address in this page. Hence, we make the regular updates of this list.

1Birendra KhadkaLalitpurHas not been selected
2Jamuna GurungKaskiHas been selected
3Fulmaya BaralLamjungHas not been selected
4Mohan ThapaBaglungHas been selected
5Ram Prasad TiwariTanahunHas not been selected
6Bikalpa ThakaliMustangHas been selected
7Sony PunMyagdiHas not been selected
8Depika LimbuDhankutaHas been selected
9Amisha KarkiBhojpurHas been selected
10Yonjum TamangMuguHas not been selected
11Kriti BoharaBajhangHas been selected
12Dilasha KhadkaKaskiHas not been selected
13Shree Ram AdhikariKathmanduHas been selected
14Mukti ShahaSarlahiHas not been selected
15TN ChaudharyRauthatHas been selected
16Sambar DhakalBardiyaHas been selected
17Bikal ShresthaBhaktapurHas not been selected
18Kanchi TamangDhadingHas been selected
19Ganga Devi GurungLamjungHas not been selected
20Harka SampangSunsariHas not been selected
21Ramji SubediJhapaHas not been selected
22Cheatnath BhandariIllamHas been selected
23Santa Bahadur BKGorkhaHas been selected

EDV Result 2025

The applicants who have submitted the online dv lottery application in October and November of 2023 their online result is public now. Every year about 4 thousand Nepali get the immigrant visa in USA.

This will let the visa holder to live and work in America. At the same time the EDV winners will be eligible for the US citizenship application just after 5 years of permanent resident card.

USA Green Card Lottery Result

DV lottery is also called US Green Card lottery. It is famous among the Nepali youths. There is no age restriction for the DV lottery application. Hence adults are also equally interested for the EDV online application. According to the data there are about one million DV lottery application every year.

There is great attraction to USA among the Nepali citizens.

How to Check Online DV lottery Result?

It is the question in the mind of every fresh dv lottery applicants. If you are applying for the dv lottery for the first time then you will be panic during the result. Generally, people do not have idea to check the DV lottery result.

Therefore, you may have to waste your couple of hours while searching the online DV lottery result. Well, here we give easy and fast way to get online dv lottery result.

  • First of all, log in to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • This is the official website to provide online EDV Result.
  • Tap on to Entrant Status button in the result page
  • Now provide all the family details together with confirmation number
  • Now tap on check result

When will EDV 2026 Open?

Online EDV 2026 application form will open by last week of October 2024. There might be slight change in the dv lottery rules in EDV 2026. Here we will update all the fresh rules of dv lottery. So, remain with us for all kinds of DV lottery application issues.

EDV 2026 New Rules

  • The dv lottery photograph must be recent no older than 6 months
  • Do not use spectacles in DV photo
  • No academic qualification required for the application
  • Find more information in the official website of dv program.

2026 DV Result

The online application for DV 2026 will open by the third week of October 2024. So, it is now time to collect all the detail information about the dv lottery application. A minor error in the application will make the application invalid. So, such applicants will not be included for the random selection of the winners.

DV lottery is completely computer based random selection. Hence there is no role of human beings or any other factor for the selection of dv winners. Therefore, you must be careful while filling the online dv lottery form.


It is wise to explore about America before you leave your home country. Here we provide some tips for the dv winners. All the dv lottery winners must face the visa interview. If you are not able to show all the original documents during the interview then you might be rejected for the visa.

There are several incidents where the dv winners are not able to get the visa. Basically, if you are suspected for the fake documentation then you will be rejected during the visa interview.

If you have any queries about the dv lottery application and results then contact us. You can leave your queries in the comment box given below. Our expert’s team will reply your comment within one working day.

At last but not the least we would like to express our best wishes to all the dv lottery applicants for their upcoming result.

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