Pokhara Best 10 Points to Visit

Pokhara Best 10 Points to Visit

Pokhara has been officially declared as the tourism capital of Nepal. So here we give information about Pokhara Best 10 Points to Visit.

Pokhara Best Hotels

It is the list of fine hotels in Pokhara. So according to your budget you can choose the hotel.

Pokhara Best 10 Points to Visit

Pokhara is tourism hub since long ago. But now Pokhara has meet all the 20 requirements for the tourism capital hence Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal has announced Pokhara as tourism capital today.

Points to Visit in Pokhara

  • Fewa lake
  • Begnas lake
  • Rupa lake
  • Sarangkot
  • Mahendra Cave
  • Bat cave
  • Davis falls
  • World peace pagoda
  • Pumdikot
  • Kahun Dharahara
  • Mountain Museum

Fewa Lake

It is the famous lake of Nepal as well as Pokhara. There are hundreds of songs in the theme of Fewa lake. Similarly, millions of domestic and international tourists visit Fewa lake every year. The shadow of Machhapuchhre mountain in Fewa lake is fantastic. It attracts the tourists from all over the world in Pokhara.

Begnas Lake

Begnas Lake is just 8 kilometers from the Pokhara international airport. It is 15 km east from Fewa lake. There is frequent tourist bus service between Begnas Lake and Fewa lake for the facility of tourists. Many tourists may not know about it. Hence the objective of this article is to facilitate the tourists for the economic visit of Pokhara. At the same time there are hotels and lodges in Begnas Lake area too.

You can find all kinds of hotels in Begnas Area. Therefore, tourists willing to remain in quite environment will find it appropriate for their accommodation.

Rupa Lake

The third largest lake of Pokhara valley is Rupa. No doubt there are altogether 8 lakes in Pokhara metropolitan city. Among them Begnas, Fewa and Rupa are the most famous. You can have nice view of Rupa Lake if you are travelling to Pokhara from Kathmandu by airplane.

Rupa lake itself is very much beautiful. The newly constructed belly bridge above the Rupa Lake has made it even more attractive.

Here I have no words to explain about the natural beauty of Rupa Lake. Hence I just want to suggest all the tourists visiting Pokhara not to miss Rupal Lake during your stay in Pokhara.


Fewa lake is at the lap of Sarangkot hill. You can have a perfect view of Pokhara valley from the top of Sarangkot. There is one view tower at the top this hill. Similarly, there is facility of bus and taxi service from Fewa lake to Sarangkot. On the top of this you can reach Fewa lake by cable car.

There is recently built cable car from the bank of Fewa Lake to Sarangkot. As mentioned above it is not possible to explain the beautiful view from Sarangkot in words you have to feel it yourself.

Mahendra Cave

It is an old cave in Pokhara valley. It is in the norther part of Pokhara. You can find frequent bus service from different part of Pokhara to reach Mahendra Cave. By name it is cave. There a temple inside the cave. In the boundary of cave there is picnic spot as well. Hence interested can organize picnic in the campus of Mahendra cave.

Bat Cave

Very close to Mahendra cave there lies next cave called Bat cave. This is the habitat of bats. Hence when you entered the cave you can see many bats living inside the cave. It is natural cave identified hundreds of years ago. There is great attraction of both domestic as well as international tourists in this cave.

If you require more information about these caves then leave your queries in the comment box below.

Davis Falls

This is a water fall. The water from Fewa lake goes under ground of Davis falls. According to the history a foreigner named David disappeared in this fall so it is name after him. When you visit Davis falls then you can many information about it from the information center situated in the campus of sfalls. Huge amount of water disappeared in the depth of earth in this water falls.

In fact, it is quite amazing to view this water falls.

World Peace Pagoda

This is the holy place for Buddhists all over the word. Hence Buddhists pilgrimage from the world visit this pagoda. But beside the pilgrimage all other tourists visiting also visit this, Peace Pagoda. The beauty of Fewa lake can observed very nicely for this pagoda. This pagoda also lies at the top of the hill just opposite of the Fewa lake.


It is recently built new visiting point in Pokhara. Basically, the is large statue of lord shiva in Pumdikot. The infrastructure of this area is still under construction. However, thousands of tourists visit Pumdikot every day. You can have very nice arial view of Pokhara valley from Pumdikot as well.

There is fun park with different theme. Hence you can spend couple of hours in this area. Gradually and slowly the hotels and restaurants are being built for the tourists in this area. There is a kind of ring road to join Pumdikot and world peace pagoda.

Kahun Dharahara

It is the palace of ancient King of Nepal. Hence there is view tour built in the ancient time. However, it has been renovated recently. There is black topped road facility to reach Kahun Dharahara. So, you can take your own vehicles or rented taxi or city bus to reach over there.

From this Dharahara you can have good view of Northern Part of Pokhara Metropolitan.

It is not possible to express all the beauty of the view seen from this Dharahara. So you have visit it and feel it.

Mountain Museum

The next point of attraction in Pokhara is International Mountain Museum. Basically, the people interested in mountain and mountaineering expedition will find it interested. There you can find the costume used by the famous sherpas and other international figures who had climbed Mount Everest at first.

There you can see the instruments required to climb the mountain. On the top of this you will find many more about the mountain and things to know while climbing the mountains in Nepal.

At the same time, you can watch documentary on mountains of Nepal.

At last, it is not possible to explain the points to visit in Pokhara and describe them. It is just introduction only. The most important part is to visit Pokhara and watch all the visiting point yourself.

If you have any constructive suggestion or things to add in this article, please suggest us. We are always ready to provide the first-hand knowledge to our readers from gbsnote.com.

Thank you very much for providing the time to read this article. We will be back very soon with more information about Pokhara and best points to visit in Pokhara.

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