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US Work Visa for Foreign Nationals

The United States of America has long been the destination for the economic opportunity. Hence, we are going to compile the details on types of US Work Visa for Foreign Nationals.

2024 USA Working Visa Job

Since long ago the migrant workers from all over the world are contributing their hard labor as creator or contributors in America. So many migrant workers have already been in the top level of business in USA.

US Work Visa for Foreign Nationals

The terms and conditions may vary depending upon the type of visa but here we are going to discuss in length about the several types of work permit visa in America.

Therefore, do not skip the article. Just give few minutes to go through this article. It is because the important information might be at the end of the article.

Immigrant Visa

This visa is generally known as green card visa. The carrier of such visa can work in almost all the sectors of United states of America unless it is mentioned for only American. The Green Card holder can live and work anywhere within USA.

There are different types of permanent resident card. Among them the most common for Nepali citizens is dv lottery. The winners of diversity visa lottery will be eligible to receive Green Card in USA after completing the normal procedure.

Well, know let us discuss on employment based green card in USA.

Generally, for the application of employment based green card the employee must have sponsor.

EB1Priority Worker Visa

This working visa is for skilled and priority Workers. There are three sub-categories.

  • EB 1 A
  • EB 1 B
  • EB 1 C

EB 1 A

The persons with extra ordinary capacity are eligible for this visa. So, if you have such extra ordinary ability then apply for EB 1 A visa for America. This will let the visa holders to live and work in USA.

EB 1 B

Professional with advanced degree are eligible to apply for this visa. Basically, professors and researchers are granted this visa. Hence the international researchers willing to conduct research in America can apply for this visa.

EB 1 C

Multinational executives and managers willing to live and work in USA get this visa. The most important part for American visa is the selection of correct type of visa. If your visa selection and your knowledge and skill does not match in such cases your visa might be rejected.

EB 2 Visa

This visa is for the international advanced degree holders. The foreign nationals who have extra ordinary ability in the field of science, arts, or business will get this EB 2 visa. However, the applicants must have approval letter from the department of labor of the state government. But in some cases, if your ability will support the national interest of the American government then in such case the approval from the department of labor will be waived.

EB 3 Skilled Workers, Professionals and Unskilled Workers

This is the third preference work permit visa for the foreign nationals. Skilled working having at least two years of working experience may apply for this visa. Similarly, the professionals beside EB 1 and EB 2 category are eligible for this working visa.

Basically, to enroll the foreign nationals in American companies the employer must prove to the department of labor that they are unable to fulfill the demand from the domestic labor market.

It is not easy to get unskilled working visa job in USA for foreign citizens. This visa is different to that of seasonal working visa or temporary work permit visa.

Nonimmigrant Work Visas

There are several types of nonimmigrant work visa for USA. The US temporary work visa will authorize the visa holders to live and work in USA for certain period of time and purpose. Hence the visa holder must depart America when the visit purpose or time period which comes first. It means the nonimmigrant working visa is not related to permanent residency.

Seasonal Working Visa Job

The United States of America is undergoing the shortage of labor. Hence to fulfill the growing demand of labors the state government allow the private sectors to enroll the foreign nationals as the seasonal workers.

Every year the US department of labor calls for the seasonal working visa. The citizens of the eligible nations can apply for such temporary working visa job.

The data of US bureau of labor statistics shows that 27 million workers in America are foreign born.

E 1/ E 2 Visa Trade or Treaty Investors

This E 1 visa allows the citizens of certain nations to visa America for the purpose of international trade and treaty. In addition to this citizen of those countries having mutual trade treaty with united states of America are eligible for this visa.

The large investors having enough amount to invest in America may apply this visa.

H-1 B Visa

H1B is a US most demand working visa for migrant workers. The applicant must have job sponsor in America to get this visa. Similarly, the job must be in the specified and specialty occupation. It means that minimum bachelor degree is required for H1 B work permit visa. The U.S employer must sponsor the foreign nationals for H 1B visa by filling the I-129 petition file with United States Department of labor. Thus, H 1B visa are linked with specific employer.

There are limited number of H 1B visa for USA. The state government issue few numbers of this work permit visa for the migrant workers.

Due to high demand and strict rule of H 1B visa the US based companies utilize the experienced immigration law firm to enroll the migrant workers.

Conclusion: We are not the manpower agency to enroll the migrant workers for abroad jobs. Hence more details the applicants must find themselves.

We are not responsible for any kind of financial loss due to this article. It is the obligation of the applicants to learn more and procced on their own risk for working visa job in USA.

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