SEE Exam Result 2081

SEE Exam Result 2081

The National Examination Board has published SEE Exam result 2081 date. According to the notice NEB is planning to publish Secondary Education Exam result by the second week of Asar 2081.

SEE Exam Result 2081

There are about 500 thousand students to take SEE board exam this year. So at this moment millions are waiting for the SEE examination result. Here we give the step by step process to check the online SEE result.

How to Check SEE Exam Result

You can check SEE exam online result by the follow ways. According to your need and available facility you can check the SEE exam online result. Just follow these steps to check the result.

  • SEE online Result in web pages
  • SMS method to get online SEE Exam Result
  • SEE online result via IVR method

Online SEE Result in Official Web Pages

There is several government owned websites to provide SEE exam results. Some of them are, and many more.

Before 2072 BS the board exam at the end of class ten was called SLC. That is school leaving certificate. But later on government has changed the high school structure. Since then the high school study goes up to class 12. Hence board exam at the end of grade 12 is now called SLC.

How to Correct Name and DOB in SEE Grade Sheet

It is not the mistake of the students. But still many students get the SEE exam grade sheet with errors. Basically it consists of error in the spelling of name and date of birth.

  • Take recommendation letter from your school
  • Go to district education coordination unit for the further processing
  • Collect all the documents photo copies with you application
  • Take copy of SEE exam admission card
  • Collect the official document given by the school.

Vocational Training after SEE Study

If you are not interested for the university study then you can enroll any vocational training. CTEVT provides several such training for the SEE graduates. You can choose the faculty according to your interest. Such training will make you self-employed. So, that you do not have to look for the employer.

SEE Result 2081

Till the date secondary education exam result is very much important in our community. Schools also take it as matter of prestige. Therefore the SEE candidates have pressure from parents as well as teachers and schools. 

Non Academic Career  

Now time has changed. It is not necessary to go to either engineering or medical field for the bright students. Beside this there are so many other opportunities for the better career. Like a good cricketer can live luxurious life rather than a doctor. Therefore parents have to understand the demand of time.

So in my opinion it will be wise to let your kids choose the field of study after secondary education.

New Provision in SEE Result

Since last year Nepal government and the national examination board have launched the new evaluation system for the SEE appeared students. Like the students must score minimum of 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical and internal exams. If a student is unable to meet these criteria then he or she can retake maximum of two subjects very soon. The failed subject result will be non-graded NG in grade sheet.  

If a student has more than three NG then such student has to wait a year to retake the exam. But next year he or she can just retake those NG subjects only. Such type of retake facility is available continuously for three years only.

What after SEE Result?

There are several options for the SEE graduates. Like one can join class 11 in his desire subject. Next they can take vocational training from CTEVT. Other group can take basic level medical field related courses like staff nursing, lab technicians etc.

Well this much for the moment. As soon as national examination board publishes the SEE 2081 result we will notify our visitors via our social media pages.

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