Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, Salary up to Rs. 60,000

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali

Qatar is the major destination of Nepali migrant workers. Here we have the vacancy demand for Qatar. Get details about Jobs in Qatar for Nepali.

Qatar Police Job for Nepali

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali

Due to covid 19 there is break in the chain of going and coming of the foreign migrant Nepali workers. Let us hope it will be regular as soon as the lock down is over. Remain in touch with us to get timely information about all kinds of abroad job opportunities.

Europe Working Visa

There are thousands of Nepali migrant workers in Europe. Hence if you are willing to live and work Europe here we have the perfect guide. We hope that our Europe guide will help you a lot.

Working Visa in USA

The state government has announced for 22 thousand migrant workers. This is temporary nonimmigrant workers. The last date of visa application in September 30. We have separate article in this topic. Hence we suggest you guys to check our previous article for more details.  

Japan Work Permit Visa

Japan is going to take nearly 350000 foreign workers in different sectors. So, in this connection there is good opportunity for the interested Nepali migrant workers. Therefore, we kindly suggest all the individuals willing to live and work Japan to go through our Japan guide in our site.

Australia Working Visa for Nepali

There is good opportunity for Nepali workers to live and work in Australia. you have to take work permit visa to live and work in Australia. We have separate article in this topic. Hence we are not going to repeat all the visa application process in this article. We kindly suggest our readers to check our previous article for the process of Australia working visa.

Canada Work Permit Visa

Canada is the next attractive destination for the Nepali migrant workers. Do you know, Canada has different types of visas. So according to your qualification you can choose the best visa. It is very important to choose the appropriate visa according to your skill and qualification. Please read our previous articles in this topic for more details.

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