EDV 2025 Result Nepal, DV Winners Name List

EDV 2025 Result Nepal

Here we have details about EDV 2025 Result Nepal. Get the list of DV Winners from this page. We update the list of dv winners frequently.

2025 EDV Result

2025 EDV online result will publish by May, 4 2024. So, 4th May 2024 at 9:45 PM is the EDV Result day in Nepal.

EDV 2025 Result Nepal

EDV 2025 was open in the month of October and November of 2023. Here is complete information about diversity visa lottery 2025.

Program NameDiversity Visa Lottery
EDV Result Date in Nepal4 May 2024
Result ModelOnline
Web Page for Resultdvprogram.state.gov
Details for ResultConfirmation Number, Date of birth and family name

DV Winners from Nepal

Are you new for dv lottery? Well, if you are new for diversity visa lottery then go through this article properly. We are going to discuss in length all about DV lottery in Nepal.

Every year the state government provides 50000 immigrant visas under the dv lottery program for the citizens of several countries. All the countries in the world are not eligible for the dv program. The American congress publishes the dv lottery eligible nations every year.

2025 DV Winners from Nepal

The dv program does not publish the list of dv winners. Similarly, you will not receive any sorts of email telling about the dv lottery result. In spite of this we are preparing the list of dv winners from Nepal via different sources.

Just check our previous article to get the list of EDV 2025 winners from Nepal.

We update this list daily.

How to check online DV Result?

It is always panic for the dv applicants to get the official page for the dv lottery. At the same time the fresher will find it more difficult to get the online result. It is because majority of the DV applicants fill online dv lottery application from different DV application points. Hence they find difficult to get the online result.

  • First of all go to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • Here you will find entrant status page
  • Tap on the page and supply the required details  
  • Finally submit the details to get the online result
  • If you are selected in the lottery then you will get message “you have been selected” for the further processing
  • You have been not selected” for the further processing unsuccessful candidates will get this message.

The candidate for the dv lottery will be eligible on the basis of the birth country. Those countries having low migration rate to America are eligible for the dv lottery application. Till the date Nepal is eligible for the online EDV Lottery application.

No country will get more than 7 percent of total dv winners. It means maximum 3500 winners can be selected for individual country. Nepal get nearly 3500 dv winners every year.

Step by Step Process to Check DV Result

Collect the following items to check online dv lottery result.

  • 16 digits confirmation number
  • Family name
  • Date of birth

You do not have to pay for the EDV application as well as dv lottery result.

All the things are free of cost.

How to Check EDV 2025 Result?

www.dvprogram.state.gov is the official website to give online DV result. Hence log in to this web page to check EDV Result 2025. From this web page you can make online DV lottery application and get the online dv lottery result.

When is EDV 2025 Result in Nepal?

As mentioned above EDV 2025 result date in Nepal is May 4, 2024 at 9.45 pm Nepal standard time. On and after this time all the diversity visa lottery applicants from Nepal can check their online result. There is no any other subway to get the diversity visa lottery.

If you receive email telling that you have won the lottery, then you must be careful it might be the activity of fraud people. Later on such group of cheater will ask you money in the name of further processing.

Name list of DV Winners 2025

The state government and the dv program do not publish the list of dv winners. Hence dv program only gives the online result. Only the dv lottery winners will know either he or she is randomly selected in this green card lottery program or not.

It is our attempt to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal. We have been doing this for many years. We do not ask for the individuals about the dv lottery result. But we gather the details from other digital sources.

Requirement for DV Winners

If you are selected for the DV lottery then you need the following documents during the interview.

  • Minimum high school academic qualification
  • Or two years of work experience in the accepted field of work
  • Correct details as entered during the online dv lottery application

Can I get Disqualification even after the Selection?

Yeah, it is important as well. If the dv lottery applicant cannot submit the original documents as mentioned in the application in such case the candidate will be disqualified. Therefore honesty and accuracy is important while submitting the online dv lottery application.

Can I get DV Result in my email?

Till the date there is no provision to send the online result in the email of the applicants. Let us hope in the days to come the dv program will upgrade the system to get the online EDV result in the email of the applicants.

Do I have to pay for the EDV Result?

Simply no. neither the online edv application nor the result requires payment. Hence if you are asked for the money to increase your chance to win the dv lottery then that is fraud. Never go after such activities.

Conclusion: In a nut shell the dv lottery is the easiest way to get immigrant visa for the Nepali citizens. The DV lottery is well known program to all the Nepali citizens willing to migrate abroad. At this moment due to several reasons people of all age group are thing for abroad jobs. So for this group EDV lottery is the best option.

Finally we would like to wish very best of luck to all the EDV 2025 applications for the upcoming result. This much for today, we will be back with fresh and current updates of diversity visa lottery result in our next article.

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