When Will SEE Result 2081 Publish

When Will SEE Result 2081 Publish

The National Examination Board Class 10 sector will publish SEE result in the third week of Asar. Here we try to address the question; When Will SEE Result 2081 Publish?

SEE Result Publication Date and Time

Secondary Education Examination result will be public by SEE examination board of Nepal. As mentioned above SEE Result 2080 2081 will be public by first week of July 2024. This year there are 500 thousand in SEE board exam. They will get the SEE result very soon.

SEE 2080 Salient Features

  • Number of girls more than that of boys
  • New Grid for SEE students
  • CGPA grading system
  • New letter Grading System

When Will SEE Result 2081 Publish?

2081 SEE exam was held in the month of Chaitra 2080. This group of students will get their result in 2081. Hence this SEE exam is called SEE 2080 or SEE 2081. Whatever it is mentioned you have to understand accordingly.

SLC 2080 Result

This year in the history of SEE or SLC exam there are more girls in SEE board exam. First time in Nepal more girls are in SEE exam than that of boys. There is one exam center in Japan. The Everest International School Japan is the only SEE Exam center outside Nepal.  There are 23 students appearing SEE exam from Japan.

NEB provides the SEE board exam question to this Japan center via email.

Everest International School Japan

It is the international school to follow the curriculum of Nepal. Basically the Nepali living in Japan sends their kids for the better education in this school. Similarly it provides the knowledge of Nepali culture for Nepalese kids. Beside Nepali subject the teaching medium is English in this school.

SEE Exam Result 2080 2081

It is now time for the SEE exam result. The examination board is working hard to finalize the SEE exam result. if there be no any disturbance then SEE Examination board will publish the result by the next week. The marks entry in the computer software is over. Now there is cross checking and result verification. As soon as the result verification is over then the examination board meeting will approve the result.

Then it will be public for the students are parents via online mode. It had been several years that the examination board does not publish the result in printing media. In the past the then SLC result used to be published in Gorkhapatra National Daily.

How to Check SEE Online Result?

Online SEE result is available in different modes. Like, you can check the result in official websites, by SMS or by IVR method. It is up to your access. Whichever is comfortable for you then you can the any one method.

SEE Result in Websites

Nepal government official websites gives the online SEE exam results. The common official webpages are:

  • See.gov.np
  • Neb.gov.np
  • See.ntc.net.np

Beside these there are many other private websites to give the SEE result. But the list of such private companies’ web pages is yet to come. It is because every year there might be different companies to give online SEE result.

SEE Result by SMS

Nepal Telecom provides SEE result by SMS. So to get SEE online result via SMS just type SEE give space and send it to 1600. Now you will get the SEE result with grade point but you will not get the complete grade sheet.

Online SEE grade sheet is available only in websites. Among all the websites the NTC website i.e. www.see.ntc.net has better server. Hence it generally does not go down at once. During the SEE result initial moment hundreds of thousands users try to log in the same web page. It makes the web server busy. Therefore if the web page server is not strong enough then in such case the website will be down.

New SEE Grading System

National examination board is going to implement new grading system in secondary education exam SEE by this year. Basically it is the first SEE batch with new SEE curriculum therefore the students are going to be evaluated by new grading system.  Well, let us now discuss on the new letter grading system of SEE exam.  

SEE Grading System 2078

SEE students of 2080 will be evaluated by CGPA grading system. It means the final grade point will not be based on the total marks obtained in theory and practical or internal evaluation. It means theory and practical marks will be graded individually. The average of the grade point will be the aggregate of theory and practical.

SEE GPA Evaluation System

Grade point average is internationally accepted students evaluation system. The examination board is going to implement the new grading system for SEE students from this year. it has already implemented this grading system for grade 11 and 12.

According to the new grading system students must score 35 percent in theory and 40 percent in practical exam. If a student is unable to score this threshold then the particular subject will be none graded NG. Students can sit for the chance exam if he or she got NG in maximum two subjects. This chance exam will be for three times.

Chance Exam for NG Students

If students will get NG for more than 2 subjects then they are not allowed for chance exam. Such students have to wait a year for retake exam. So compared to the previous year according to the new grading system it is challenging for the students to cross the NG line.

Conclusion:  This article is prepared by secondary level teaching teacher. Therefore students having any queries on SEE exam and its result can contact us. our experts team is always ready to solve your problems.

This much we talk to day on SEE Exam Result Date and time. We will be back with some other SEE related article very soon. Till then we would like to request all the SEE students to tune gbsnote.com.

As soon as the national examination board publishes the result we will notify our visitors via this article. So keep in touch with us to learn, When Will SEE Result 2081 Publish.

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