Latest Nirbachan update 2074, Federal Election 2074

Latest Nirbachan update 2074

Here is the latest Nirbachan update 2074 of local election. You can find the latest Nirbachan update 2074 of three provinces of Nepal. This local election is held after 20 years in the history of Nepal.

So that, most Nepalese are excited to hear the result of their votes. Nepal election commission or Nirbachan Aayog Nepal is the official organization for all the activities of election in Nepal.


Latest Nirbachan update 2074

Nepal television and radio Nepal are giving the timely Nirbachan updates. At the same time it is the hub for the local election updates. We are trying our best to provide the current updates of vote counting. The vote counting is going in the motion of tortoise. If it goes in the same speed it make takes couples of week to get the final result of metropolitan cities.

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Nepal television election updates

Nepal television is giving special bulletin of the Nirbachan 2074. It is broadcasting as the special news. Similarly you can read the Nirbachan updates over there. So in the connection Nepal television is working very well. At the same time you can find the election updates at It is the official site of Nepal television.

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Radio Nepal Nirbachan updates

Radio Nepal is the only means of information and communication in most of the hilly and Himalayan region of Nepal. So radio Nepal is also giving the Nirbachan updates frequently through the special bulletin. Similarly you can visit the radio Nepal online at

Nirbachan Aayog Nepal

Nirbachan Aayog Nepal is also giving the election updates 2074. So among all these options you can choose the alternative in your choice. Similarly we kindly suggest you to like the GbsNote Facebook page to get the latest Nirbachan update 2074.

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