EDV 2019 Winners Name List

EDV 2019 Winners Name List

Here is the EDV 2019 Winners Name List. State governments prepare The EDV 2019 Winners Name List by random selection.

 EDV 2019 Winners Name List

This year the edv application was completed on November 22 2017. Perhaps it may be the first times in the history of dv lottery applications were cancelled.

Due to technical problem in the data base of dv lottery state government has pause the online application nearly two weeks.

EDV 2019 Winners Name List

Jack Gurung                        Pokhara

Hari Rokka                           Rolpa

Sita Buda                             Humla

Ram Karki                            Kathmandu

Rabi Shrestha                     Butwal

Kabita Joshi                        Lalitpur

Dinesh Prasai                     Jhapa

Smiriti Kafle                        Chitwan

Alok KC                              Syangja

Preeti Magar                      Myagdi

Mukesh Yadav                  Janakpur

Nitesh Kushawa               Sarlahai

These are the few lucky winner of dv lottery. As soon as we obtain the list of other winners we will update it here. These winners have informed us to include their name in the edv 2019 winner name list.

So we would like to suggest you if you have any information about the dv lottery 2019 winners please let us know it So that we can update our EDV 2019 Winners Name List.

EDV 2019 Winner Name List Updated

As we mention above please forward the name list with address to us so that, we can make this list of dv lottery winners fresh and update.

Last year nearly 5000 people were able to achieve the dv lottery from Nepal. Perhaps this year too there will be around 5000 lucky Nepali to go USA as diversity lottery VISA.

DV 2019 Updated Result 

Some Bitter Experience about DV Lottery

Recently Nepal Police has arrested some fraud academic documents while they are facing the visa interview in American embassy.

According to police they were submitting the fake university degree while facing the visa interview.

So in this connection Nepal police has arrested a group of 8 people who are suspected for making such fraud documents.

Majority of Nepalese people living USA under this diversity visa are having enjoyable life.

The only the thing is that in Nepal one active member of the family can support living of 4 members of the family while it is not possible in America.

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