Chemistry Practice Questions For 11

chemistry entrance questions

Hello guys welcome to your entrance preparation page. In this page we give chemistry entrance questions. Hope you will like it.

These questions are for entrance exam.

  1. State modern periodic law. Write the electronic configuration of calcium in sub shells.
  2. Write down two factors that determine the reactivity of elements.
  3. Why are the elements of the group one in the modern periodic table called alkali metal?
  4. Which one is more reactive between fluorine and chlorine and  why?
  5. State the octet rule. Explain why neon atom can exist freely nature.
  6. On the basis of which property of the elements are they divided into metal, nonmetals and metalloids?

Chemistry Entrance Questions for grade 11.

  • Write down the position of alkaline earth metals in the modern periodic table. What is their valency? Why?
  •  Halogens are kept in group VIIA of modern periodic table why?
  • How does iron get rust? Write the formula for rust.
  • Write down the balanced chemical equation of the chemical reaction between sulphuric acid and ammonium hydroxide.
  • What is gram molecular weight? How much carbon dioxide and lime is obtained from burning of 50g of limestone.
  • Write four limitations of chemical equations.

Why is Chemistry Important Subject

Chemistry is one of the major subject for science students. Hence there will be many questions from this subject in the Entrance Exam.

  • What is catalyst? Give an example of a negative catalyst.
  • What is acid base reaction? Give an example.
  • Describe hit and trial method. Explain with one example.
  • Calculate the amount of Potassium sulphate obtained, when 10 gram of Caustic potash is treated with Sulphuric acid.
  • What are three properties of acids?
  • Give a balance equation for the reaction between copper and concentrated nitric acid.
  • Define base and give three examples.
  • Write down the main use of salts.
  • All alkalis are bases but all bases are not alkali why? Give reason.
  • What do you mean by pH of a solution? Write it.
  • Give any two uses of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Write chemical equation for the reaction that takes place in the preparation of carbon dioxide gas.
  • What are three properties of ammonia gas.
  • Describe the working mechanism of fire extinguisher in brief.
  • Hope these chemistry question help students a lot.
  • Wish you all best of luck.

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