Physics Entrance Questions for Grade 11

physics entrance questions

Physics Entrance Questions

  1. Why do freely falling objects get accelerated?
  2. The mass of the Jupiter is about 319 times greater than that of the earth but the gravitational field intensity of the Jupiter is only 2.5 times greater than that of earth. Give reason.
  3. In which condition does the value of gravitation become equal to that of the gravitational constant.

  Entrance Practice Questions For Grade 11 [Physics]

  1. The gravity of the earth is six times greater than that of the moon. How much kg mass can a person lift on the moon if he can lift 80 kg mass on the earth?
  2. It is difficult to walk on bare feet on a graveled road. Why?
  3. Why an object heavier than water floats on water?
  4. An iron box having length 3m, breadth 1m, and height 2m has mass of 3000 kg. Does it float on water? Show with calculation.
  5. Define density and relative density.
  6. What is hydrometer? This equipment is constructed based on which law ?
  7. Can nuclear fusion reaction be conducted on the earth’s surface? Why?
  8. Describe the present status of energy used in the world.
  9. How much joule is there in one calorie?
  10. What is anomalous expansion of water?
  11. What is the maximum possible temperature of water at the bottom of a pond when its surface water freezes? Explain why?

Physics Entrance Questions

  1. Write down the cause that the night in desert is very cold and day of that place is very hot.
  2. The temperature of 2 kg of water is 10 degree Celsius and 84000 J of heat is applied in it, what will be its final temperature after it?
  3. Why does frost bite occur in mountain climber?
  4. Explain how high specific heat capacity of water helps to keep the temperature of the land near by the ocean moderate.
  5. The water in earthen pots remains cold in summer. Why?
  6. What is focusing? How to do it?
  7. What is real image? Name the type of lens which forms a real image.
  8. Explain with reason that when sunlight if focused on a piece of paper with the help of a convex lens the paper will burn.
  9. What is electric circuit? What is the difference between AC and DC?
  10. How are the loads connected in the domestic wiring? Give two advantages of that type of connections of load.
  11. Give any two methods to increase the magnitude of current produced by a generator.
  12. The use of miniature circuit breaker [MCB] is better than a fuse, why?
  13. What is earthing? How to do it?
  14. Calculate the rating of fuse required to use two heaters of 15oo W each, 3 irons of 750W each connected in the main of 220V.
  15. Theses practice are much beneficial for students.



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