Biology Practice Question for Grade 11 Entrance

BIOLOGY entrance questions

Here are the practice questions of biology subjects. It is  grade 11 biology entrance questions.

  1. Write two differences between Gymnosperm and Angiosperm.
  2. Name the class whale and write down its one main character.
  3. Which phylum ostrich lies? Write its one main character

Give name, division of the plant with the following characteristics and write one other characteristic.

  1.      Seeds are enclosed in fruits.
  2.      Fibrous roots are found
  • Write any two differences in the morphology of the following organism.
  • Maize plant and mustard plant.
  • Write any three differences between bamboo plant and mango plant on the basis of external morphology.
  • All chordates are not vertebrates but all vertebrates are chordates. Justify the statements.
  • Write down any three living characteristics of viruses.
  • Which disease is called hydrophobia?
  • How does polio cause paralysis?
  • What happens to the human being by the infection of AIDS?
  • How many types of virus are there on the basis of nucleic acid? Name them.
  • Write down the preventive and control measure of measles.
  • Where is the thyroid gland found in our body? Give the name of the hormone secreted by this gland and its one function.
  • What is the  function of cerebellum. Write the name of following reactions.
  •                        Saliva secrets while smelling delicious food.
  •                        The root of a plant grows towards fertilizers in soil.
  • Which stimuli act in the following actions?
  • What is spinal cord?  What is its main function?
  • Write three functions of human brain.
  • Define endocrine gland with any two examples.

Biology Entrance Questions for Grade 11 Entrance

  • Differentiate between:
  1.   Axon and dendrites.
  2.   Taxis and tropism.
  3.   Stimulus and reaction.
  4.   Cerebrum and cerebellum.
  • Write down the importance of mitosis cell division.
  • What is meiosis cell division? Write down one significance of each crossing over and being half number of chromosomes in this division.
  • In mitosis, one diploid cell divides into two diploid daughter cells. But one diploid cell divides into four haploids daughter cells in meiosis. How is it possible? Explain it with an example. Prepare well for your biology paper. Best of luck to you all. Give equal emphasis to all subjects.

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