TU CMAT Entrance Exam Questions

TU CMAT Entrance Exam Questions

Here are TU CMAT Entrance Exam Questions. Students for BBA/BIM/BHM/BTTM program have to face the entrance exam.

TU CMAT Entrance Exam Questions

There are 100 full marks multiple choice questions in the entrance exam of CMAT in Tribhuvan University. So here we are going to discuss for some sample questions.

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These questions will support the students to prepare the entrance exam. The faculty of Management conducts this entrance in Tribhuvan University.

What is CMAT?

CMAT is the central management aptitude entrance test conducted by TU.  The applicants of BBA/BIM/BHM/BTTM have to face this entrance. Hence this test follows the standard testing pattern. This test may include these areas.

  • Verbal ability
  • Quantitative ability
  • Logical reasoning
  • General awareness
  • Business and economics

Pokhara University BBA Entrance Exam

The BBA applicants in Pokhara University have to face two hours entrance exam. The area of study is more or less similar to the Tribhuvan University. Hence these question collection is useful for the Pokhara University BBA applicants as well.

Sample Questions for CMAT Exam

Now let us first discuss the components of the entrance exam. So if you have the clear concept of these components then it will be easy for you to prepare the entrance test paper.

Verbal Ability (English) 25 Questions

The verbal ability questions consist of English language questions. Therefore the area for the entrance exam preparation is as follow.

  • Idoms and phrases
  • Suitable prepositions
  • Vacabulary test like synonyms and antonyms.
  • Passage and questions

Quantitative Ability Carries 25 Questions

The chapter is basically related to mathematics. Hence the area for this chapter is as follow.

  • Definition of function
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Arithmetic mean or average
  • Percentage
  • Profit and loss
  • Set Theory
  • Fraction and decimal
  • Unitary method
  • Fraction and decimal
  • Sequence and series
  •  Permutation and combinations
  • Simple and Compound interests
  • Commission, taxation and VAT
  • HCF & LCM
  •  Probability (principle of counting)
  • Problems related to quadratic equations.
  • Log & Exponent

Logical Reasoning carries 25 questions

This area is related to relations. Similarly students appearing the entrance exam must find out odd one out from the given questions. So that there are questions with figure and relation in this logical reasoning. Likewise there might be some questions of flow charts.

General Awareness

In this part the questions are related to current affairs. Like the current political scenario of the world. At the same time questions from the area of games and sports in the world may include in this chapter. Similarly the facts and general knowledge type questions can be asked in this part.

Finally, we would like to wish good luck to all the applicants.

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