UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery; 12 Million Cash Prize

UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery

UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery is a lottery to win 12 million AE. The interested can buy the ticket to take part in this grand lucky draw.

How to buy Big Ticket Abu Dhabi? How to buy and where to buy? We answer all these questions here.

UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery is very popular in UAE. Basically it is the raffle to bring the dream into reality to the many people. It is easy to take part in UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery. There are two categories in this raffle.

12 Million Cash Prize

If you are willing to take part in this jackpot raffle you have to pay Dh 500 for one ticket. At the same time if you but two tickets you will get one ticket free. But for this you have to buy two tickets at the same purchase. It means if you purchase two tickets at different times you will not get the free tickets.

BMW Car Raffle

This is the next lottery for the luxury car. So to take part in this car lottery you have to purchase big ticket at Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. The ticket for this car is Dh 150 each. The participants can buy the ticket online from the official website of big ticket.

How to buy Ticket out Side UAE?

The interested can buy the big ticket via online if you are outside UAE. But for this you must know about your government rule to take part in raffle. The only way to buy big ticket outside UAE is via online source.

UAE Big Ticket 222 Lottery Lucky Draw

The live draw of big ticket usually held in the arrival lobby of Terminal 1 in Abu Dhabi International airport every first week of the month. Richard an Englishman who has arrived UAE at 1999 conducts this raffle. Initially he worked as store manager at China store. Since 2006 Richard has been conducting this raffle.

Beginning with Dh10000 cash prize the raffle has now reached to Dh 12 million in course of 14 years.

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