Today’s Gold Price in Nepal

Today’s Gold Price in Nepal

Price of Gold keeps on changing daily. In this article we give updated information on Today’s Gold Price in Nepal.

Today’s Price of Gold, Petroleum and LP Gas in Nepal

Sometime people wonder on price of different goods in Nepal. Hence you can get the complete knowledge about it from this article. We keep on updating this page daily. Hence you will find the latest information on price of different goods in Nepal.

Today’s Gold Price in Nepal

Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver dealers’ association fix the price of gold and silver every day. It depends upon the price of yellow metal in international market. Beside this the price of gold and silver depends upon the exchange rate of American dollar.

On the other hand, if the attraction of US dollar in the international market goes up then the price of gold and silver comes down. It is the theory of economics. However, in case of Nepal sometime it may not work.

Price of Petrol in Nepal

The next high demand goods in Nepal in petroleum products. Basically, diesel and petrol. The most of the foreign currency is used to purchase gold and petroleum in Nepal. At the moment Nepal oil corporation has implemented the automated pricing system. According to this system the NOC updates the price of diesel, petrol, kerosene and LP gas twice a month. The price of these products depends upon the price given by Indian oil corporation.  

Price of Diesel in Nepal

Price of diesel is different in different cities of Nepal. The Terai based cities has comparatively low price then hilly areas. There is a rule to define the retail price of diesel in Nepal. If the petrol pump is within 25 km radius from the NOC depo, then there will be one price and if the distance of the retail distributer goes on increasing then price of diesel will also increase in the same proportion.

LP Gas Price in Nepal

Price of LP gas keeps on changing time to time. It is in the hand of Nepal Oil Corporation to determine the retail price of LP gas in Nepal. As mentioned above NOC changes the price of LP gas according to the purchase rate.  

However, in some cases the government interevent LP gas price to sympathize the public.  

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Foreign Currency Exchange Rate in Nepal

There was a time when the commercial banks were not allowed to purchase and sell the foreign currency. But it had been several years that commercial banks in Nepal are allow for the transection of foreign currency. Therefore, the exchange rate of commercial banks may differ then that of Nepal Rastra Bank.

 So, if you want to buy or sell the foreign currency you can check the official website of the commercial bank to find the today’s exchange rate. The bank which you find the best according to the exchange rate then choose it.   

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