Portugal Working Visa is Now Open for Nepali !!!

Portugal Working Visa for Nepali

Are you searching Portugal Working Visa for Nepali in internet? Perhaps you are tired for not getting the appropriate information in your search.

Portugal Working Visa for Nepali

There are thousands of Nepali youths living and working in Portugal. It is very comparable countries for the Nepali people. Like the climate is comfortable for the Nepalese in Portugal. Well, let us now discuss about the working visa in Portugal.

22000 Nonimmigrant Working Visa for USA

Recently America has opened twenty two thousand working visa. Hence the interested candidates can make online application for this working visa.

Portugal Work Visa

Well, let us now discuss step by step for Portugal work visa requirements, application process and FAQ one by one.

Non-EU nationals who want to work in Portugal must have working visa. Hence they have to apply for the working visa.

So to apply for the working visa,

  1. You must have job offer letter from employer from Portugal.
  2. Your employer must apply on your behalf for the work permit. They have to submit your application to the Portuguese Labor Authorities.

Do I need Visa to Work in Portugal?

Beside European Union nationals and Swiss citizens’ others have to take visa to work in Portugal. In case of EU nationals if they want to stay more than 3 months they have to take Residence certificate. Hence Nepali people have to take work visa.

Documents Required for Portugal Work Visa

  • Your valid passport.
  • Passport size photograph full filling the Schengen guidelines.
  • Proof of sufficient fund for your survival.
  • Police report from your country.
  • Employment contract letter.
  • Proof of your accommodation in Portugal.  

All these documents must be either in English or Portuguese. Similarly, you have to legalized these document from the Portuguese embassy of your country.

How to Apply for Visa?

Well, once you received job offer letter your visa application process is divided into three parts.

  1. Your employer applies for the work permit. The employer in Portugal complete your application for the work permit.
  2. You Apply for Portugal Work Visa form the Portuguese embassy in your country. Once you receive the work permit for the employer now you have to apply for visa in the embassy. So using this visa you will enter to Portugal.
  3. You Apply for Portugal Residence Permit. When you arrive in Portugal now you have to apply for the Residence Permit. This permit will let you to live and work for long term.

Step 1: Work Permit Application

The job offering company have to submit many document for the work permit on your behalf. Like the employment contract between you and the company. The company must submit the tax clearance certificate. Similarly, they have to submit the proof that the vacancy cannot be fulfilled from EU or Swiss citizens.

Step 2: Work Visa Application

When you receive work permit from the employer now you have to apply for work visa. So for this purpose you have to go to the Portugal embassy in your country. This visa will let you to enter the country. The visa application process is as follow.

  • Visit the embassy in your country.
  • Take appointment to submit your documents.
  • Now submit the required documents for the visa.
  • You may have to face the interview during the visa process.

This visa will let you to remain for 3 to 4 months in Portugal. In this period you have to apply for the Residence Permit.

Step 3: Residence Permit

When you reach to Portugal you have to apply for residence permit. So for this you have to visit social security authority.

Finally, about different types of work visa in Portugal we will discuss in our next article.

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