22000 Nonimmigrant US Visa !!!

America has increased 22000 Nonimmigrant US Visa. This temporarily increased visa is for nonagricultural workers in the industrial sectors.

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22000 Nonimmigrant US Visa

On May, 2021, the department of homeland security (DHS) and department of labor jointly published the notice about this. America is going to provide additional twenty-two thousand visa for nonagricultural workers for American business. 

Additional Visa for US Business

These additional visa will be fulfilled till the end of fiscal year 2021. The business person running their business in USA can apply for the visa to the nonimmigrant workers.

The employee can not apply for this visa. The business person must prove that there is shortage of workers in America to run their business.

Similarly, they must prove that the required skilled workers are not available in the labor market of USA. On the other hand, they have to attest that there will be big loss in the absence of none American workers.

Teacher Exchange Program in USA

It is the cultural exchange program of united states of America. Many teachers have already participated in this sort of program. Among the various program Teaching Excellence and achievement i.e. TEA is much popular.

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USA Army Job for Nepali

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EDV Program of USA

The easiest way to get the permanent resident for America is the dv lottery. The EDV 2023 online form is available in this page. So, if you are willing to apply for the diversity visa lottery 2023 please fill this online form.

EDV Result 2023

The state government polishes the dv lottery result in the first week of May every year. So as soon as the dv lottery result is out we will publish the name of dv winners from Nepal in this page. Therefore, remain in touch with us for all kinds of information about America.

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