How to Renew MRP Passport From Abroad ?

mrp nepal passport

MRP Nepal Passport form now can be filled online. Here is the details requirement while filling the MRP Nepal passport form online.

So MRP Nepal passport form can be filled in two ways, namely fast track and normal process.

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If you have internet facility at your home then you can fill the online form yourself. For this you have to go to the official address of department of passport Nepal.

Fast Track MRP Nepal passport form

This is the fast way to get passport. So if you need passport very urgently it can be the best alternative. Hence if you wish to take passport in 3 days it cost Rs 10000. Similarly if you want to take the passport within 2 days it cost Rs 12000. And if you need it on the same day of application it cost Rs 15000.

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Important Information for Fast Track Application

For those applicants who want to apply MRP in fast track service via Department of Passport, Narayanhiti, District Verification Letter of CDO Office from where the citizenship card is issued is mandatory.

Normal passport Application

Normal passport application can be submitted through the respective CDO offices. While the cost of normal passport application is Rs 5000.

Documents Required for MRP Nepal passport application

  • The bar code you got after submitting online form.
  • Citizenship certificate verification given by respective CDO office.
  • Nepali citizenship certificate.
  • Old passport (if you have)
  • Fee as mention by the department of passport of Nepal.

How to get substitute of lost passport?

If you have lost the passport you can replace it. However you have to complete the assign procedure.

For detail information please see the department of passport site as mention above.

Notice About Lost Passport

You can not travel with the same passport once listed as lost. It is illegal to us such passport. Once you have mention the passport as lost one in the office of passport department it cannot be further used.

So if anyone is found with such passport they will be arrested on the spot as the information given by department of passport Nepal.

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