Malaysia Job at Zero Cost !!!

Malaysia Job Opportunity for Nepalese is again open for Nepalese youth. After long discussion Malaysia Job Opportunity for Nepalese is now in action.

Malaysia Job Opportunity for Nepalese

Now it is easy for Nepali migrants to work in Malaysia. According to the latest discussion and conclusion Nepalese migrant worker will get the minimum salary same as the native worker.

All the cost for the workers will be paid by the employer in Malaysia.

Finally Decision came in the favors of Nepalese workers

Nepali workers willing to Malaysia will not be cheated now onwards. It is because the employer will bear all the cost for Malaysia job. If you want to learn more about it see the Naya Patrika of 2076/5/27.

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Special Features of New Provision for Jobs in Malaysia

Here are some special features of new provision to migrant workers in Malaysia.

  • Employer will bear all the cost
  • Minimum salary of native worker to the Nepalese workers in Malaysia.
  • No tax in the given salary.
  • The company cannot hold the passport of Nepali workers.
  • No syndicate for the health checkup.

The officials from both countries concluded to open Malaysia for Nepalese workers. According to the conclusion Nepali migrant works need not to pay any amount to go Malaysia.

Similarly these workers will get equal salary as describe by Malaysian government. It means no difference in the salary.

Visa Air Ticket all by Employer in Malaysia

According to the MOU the employer will bear two way air ticket and visa cost while hiring Nepali workers. So this will certainly help and support Nepali youth will to work in Malaysia.

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