Mathematics For Student Life

learning mathematics

It is said that mathematics is the mother of all other subjects. Learning mathematics requires some technique. Knowingly or unknowingly we have been using it in various parts of our life. From early in the morning to late night till we got to bed we need math. Mother who is very much unknown about formal education is also using math in her kitchen.

Like adding sugar in tea or coffee or adding salt in curry or pulses there is use of mathematics. Without math how father can make his monthly budget of the home. Everybody makes their calculation of income and expenditure for running the home. These all are nothing other than math.

Next if we talk about formal education, the role of math is crucial. Nearly each and every subjects of the formal education requires knowledge of mathematics. Learning math is not possible all of sudden. It is the accumulation of knowledge and skill from very junior level to senior level. For example if a student missed the lesson of Bhanu Bhakta it does not matter much for him or her while studying the lesson of king Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Learning Mathematics And Its Importance In Our Life

But in case of math it is different. If a student missed the lesson of factorization in mathematics it is not possible to learn HCF or LCM. That is why mathematics is such subject which is just like the chain of a bicycle. In the chain of bicycle if a single small piston is missing how so ever small it may be the bicycle do not work. In the same case if a student does not keep the minimum required knowledge of the certain level learning math in higher level is nearly impossible.

Next each and every subject requires the minimum information of math. So no one can escape from mathematics. The only way is to enjoy learning mathematics besides taking it as burden. If we keep on learning math in a systematic way it is much interesting too. Let’s learn math properly and do your best in all subjects.

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