Inclusive Mathematics Classroom Practices

INCLUSIVE education

We have been listening about inclusive classroom practice. It is discussed a lot. People are raising this issue strongly.  The idea of inclusive education relates to child friendly education. This practice   encourages students and schools. There must be  comfortable environment for children in school. The teachers must use child centered teaching method.

Inclusive Education

There are different types of students in the class. Learners in the classroom are from different family background. There are many differences among the students. The variety of family background should be addressed. There should be a suitable environment  in school. It is believed that inclusive education creates this environment. Teachers must do different for it.  To address the inclusive education. The students should be given such classroom practice.  These assumption and plans are not enough in answering all these questions. There are challenges about such classroom practice.

The  classroom practices of mathematics should be inclusive. So class room must be on this concept. How do different students involve in classroom practice? How do teachers address their problem. These are the some notable challenges. This classroom teaching has many challenges.  The classroom teaching must be inclusive. The teacher can apply these techniques. The teaching method used by the teacher should be student’s friendly. The terms and examples given in the classroom should be easy to students. They should be practical rather than theoretical

The application of maths. should be clear. The vast gap between theory and practice of mathematics should be reduced. Teacher must motivate the class before the class. The teachers are suppose to explain the use of maths in their real life. Teaching math in the classroom is not a big thing.  But a big thing is how to transfer the knowledge and skill of mathematics to the students. the furniture s and school building must be child friendly.

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