Education For Better Life

nepal education

Nepal education in modern era has no long history. Education is the third eye of human being. Uneducated person can see only water in the river. But an educated person can see not only water but possibility of hydroelectricity from the river. Also educated person can judge what is wright and what is wrong. Education is the light of life. Which makes the life comfortable.

In the lack of education a person is like an animal. It also makes the human life civilized. While uneducated person’s life is always in disordered and darkness. On the top of these knowledge and education requires no space and security. Education is always together with you where ever you go. It is not heavy to carry. Neither it is  divisible. You earns more you share. Such characteristics are there with knowledge and skill.

The backbone of the development of nation is the educated citizens. Therefore educated people can establish the infrastructure of development. Technical manpower is needed for nation. All this is the result of educated manpower. Hence it produces the honest citizens. They can contribute for the development of the country. If we pay a short glance over the world, the well developed countries have high HDI. There is crucial role of education in our life. 

Many Arabian countries have high per ca-pita income. But their rank in H.D.I is low. It is because of poor condition of education in these countries. All these prove the importance of education. It is also said that emperors are known in their country. Educated people are known all over the world. Many scientists and Mathematician. of thousands of year back are still well known in the respective sphere. All these things prove that how important is it in our life.

Nepal Education

Property can be earned at any time of your life but gaining knowledge and qualification is not possible. It is not possible to be a doctor at the age of forty. You can start your business at any age. Learning by doing is through out our life but university qualification must be grasped in time.

It is a lifelong process. Teachers are the persons who give correct path to their students. They are like the candle. which burn itself to light others. Education is the safe property of the human being. Knowledge is never destroyed by any means. It goes on increasing as much as you share. Which is non-divisible among the family members. There is no substitute of it in this word.  Money cannot purchase knowledge. Money can buy books but it can not buy the knowledge.

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