UK Working Visa Job from Nepal

How to Switch Visas in UK

The government has eased the switching of visa in UK. Here we give the details about How to Switch Visas in UK.

Apply to Switch to a Skilled Worker Visa

You must apply online before your current visa expires. Once you have started your application you can save your form and complete it later.  

If you do not have your visa accounts create it now. All the work you have to complete in this account

How to Switch Visas in UK

Do you have UK visas and immigration account? If not let us first create the visa account. Similarly you have to update this visa and immigration account properly. Learn more about the process of updating the United Kingdom visa account.

How to Change Visa Status in UK?

First of all you have to update your UK visa and immigration account if you have changed your

  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Your name in the account
  • Passport and identity card
  • Mailing address
  • Postal permanent address

How to switch Working Visa from Student Visa

You might be able to change student visa into working visa if you are already in United Kingdom. The government is making easy to change visa status in UK. Hence many students from Nepal are changing their visa status.

Under working visa they are free to work. However in the student visa they can work only for the limited period of time.

Who cannot change Visa Status in UK?

You cannot change the visa status in UK if you are under the following status,

  • If you are in UK visit visa
  • People under short term student visa
  • Parent of the child under student visa
  • If you are under the seasonal working visa in UK
  • On a domestic worker in a household.

According to the source the Nepali students are currently attracted to switch the working visa from their existing student visa. The cost of university is very high in UK. Hence rather than admitting the colleges students are changing their visa status.

Why Students are changing the Visa Status in UK

The main reason to change the visa status by the foreign students in UK is money.  In student visa they must be the active students of the university for they students have to pay big amount of money. But in working visa they can earn much more and it is not necessary to be the regular student of the university.

More about it you can read in our next article.

UK working Visa Job from Nepal

You can apply working visa job for UK from Nepal. You can find the online application process from our previous articles.

At last but not the list you must follow the official notices of the UK government. Never go after fraud notices.

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