EDV Winners From Nepal !!!

It is EDV 2022 2023 Winners Name List. Hence the dv lottery applicants can get their online result from here. Nearly four thousand Nepali won this year diversity visa lottery.

DV Winners Name and Address

It is the name list of dv winners from Nepal. Hence dv applicants can confirm the result via this page.

DV Winners Name List

This year about 4 thousand Nepali citizens got the dv lottery. We have details about the result at the end of this article.

EDV Result with Name and Address

It is our attempt to provide the dv lottery result with name and address. Hence we are collecting the list of dv winners via different sources.

EDV 2022 2023 Winners Name List

Well, as mentioned it is the first list of dv lottery 2022 winners. You know well that the state government does not publish the name list of dv winners. So we have been collecting from different sources.  Therefore, remain in touch with us because we make this list update daily.

Check your Name in this list

The dv lottery winners list is attached at the end of this article. Hence go through the article properly. Beside this if you have lost your confirmation number and unable to check the dv lottery result inform us. We will check your result and reply soon.

Urgent Notice for DV Winners

The dv lottery winners have to fill the DS 260 form. It is the online immigrant visa application form. So if you have internet facility at home you can do it yourself. For this go to the official page of state government and complete the form in English language. During this covid pandemic it is not wise to move here and there.

US Driving Guide

Well, after the dv lottery visa you can take our online American driving class. It is completely free online class. Here we provide the details about the driving system in America. It is completely different than that of Nepal.

American Driving Rules

If you are interested about the driving rules of America it is available here. So just comment us what you are looking for before you leave for America.

Job Training

As soon as you reach to USA you have to manage your accommodation and jobs yourself. The state government is not responsible for your job placement. Hence it will be wise to know about the different kinds of jobs available in USA before you leave your home land.

It is not always interested and exciting there are so many incidents where the dv lottery winners are in big puzzle when they reach to America. Therefore, we kindly suggest all the dv lottery winners to be prepared before landing to USA.

 Finally, we would like to congratulate all the 2022 2023 dv lottery winners from Nepal.

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