EDV 2022 Winners Nepali Citizens

EDV 2022 Winners Nepali Citizens

Here is the list of EDV 2022 Winners Nepali Citizens. So all the dv lottery applicants can check their result from this list.

DV 2022 Winners

It is the list of DV 2022 winners Nepali citizens. Check your result properly from this list.

EDV 2022 Winners Nepali Citizens

This year four thousand and fifty Nepali people won the diversity visa lottery. The name list of dv winners is at the end of this article. Hence go through this article till the end to get the name list of dv winners 2022. It is the easiest way to get green card in united states of America.

Check the 2022 DV Lottery Winners Name List

The state government has published the dv lottery result. According to the result nearly fifty thousand people from almost one hundred and ninety countries won this lottery. While taking about Nepal citizens nearly more than four thousand applicants won the lottery.

Highest Number of DV Lottery Winners

According to the result Nepali citizens got the highest number in the dv lottery winners list. Every year more than eight percent of the total immigrants from this lottery are from Nepal.

EDV 2023 Online Application

The state government will start the dv lottery 2023 online application in its normal schedule. That is it will start from the first week of October and ends at the early second week of November every year. The more detail is yet to come. So when the US embassy Kathmandu publishes the notice you will get the notification via our social media page.

Green Card Lottery Denmark

If you are not selected for the American dv lotter you can still, try for the Denmark. Denmark also provides the similar type of green card lottery. So the interested candidates can make online application for the Denmark Green card from here.

Fast Track Online Canada Application

Well, the next destination for the Nepali people after America is Canada. Recently Canada is asking for the fast track online application for the skilled people. Hence if you are eligible for the program you can complete the application form the link given below.

So if you want to get similar types of information about abroad jobs stay in touch with us.

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