EDV Result 2025 with Name List

EDV Result 2025 with Name List

Hi everyone! are you looking for DV result? Here is EDV Result 2025 with Name List.

DV Lottery Result 2025

Millions are waiting for the diversity visa lottery result. We have the list of dv winners from Nepal in this article. It might be the most valuable article I have ever prepared. You can check the online EDV result 2025 from this page. The state government does not publish the list of dv lottery winners. But it is our attempt to prepare the list of DV lottery winners from Nepal.

EDV Result 2025 with Name List

About 4000 people won this year dv lottery from Nepal. Here we have the list of dv winners. As mentioned above we are working to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal. DV program publishes the online diversity visa lottery result in the first week of May every year. If you wish you can check the online EDV result via official page of dv lottery. Here are the steps.

How to check online DV lottery Result?

Follow these steps to get the online EDV result 2025:

  1. First of all, log in to dvprogram.state.gov
  2. Now you will reach to the result page
  3. Tap on entrant status check in that page
  4. Enter the family name in the dialogue box
  5. Now provide the confirmation number in the same page
  6. Finally submit the details for the result
  7. The result will be either congratulation you have been selected for the further selection or you have not been selected

EDV Lottery Second Letter

The first phase selection does not confirm the visa for United States of America. There are several other steps that the selected candidates must face to get the US visa. The state government selects more than required number in the first phase. It is because the selectee might be failed to submit the minimum required documents for the visa interview. Therefore, the first phase selection is not the final selection for the dv winners.

History of DV Winner Selectee

It is a fact. In our community one of my neighbors was selected in the first phase of dv lottery. He then resigned from the job. At the same time, he sold all the domestic animals kept at his home. Like he is now ready to fly America. But finally, he did not get the second letter.

Let us imagine his situation in the society. He lost the job. It quite shameful Infront of friends and relatives. Therefore, do not be over excited as you have selected from the first phase. It is better not to disclose the matter until the visa is approved.


We have been working for the dv lottery matter for several years. It is not so easy to prepare the list of dv winners. As it must be the authentic one. Therefore, we are working hard to prepare the list of dv winners 2025. As promise above we are not able to provide you the name list of dv winners in this article. However, you will get the list of EDV 2025 winners in our next article.   

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