EDV 2023 Result Date for Nepal !!!

EDV 2023 Result Date for Nepal

EDV 2023 Result Date for Nepal is coming near. Here we provide the steps to check the online dv result. EDV 2023 result comes on first week of May.

EDV 2023 Result Date for Nepal

Millions of people in Nepal are waiting for DV lottery result. Here we provide the name list of dv winners from Nepal. Hence keep on checking gbsnote.com for the diversity visa lottery winners name list.

DV 2023 Winners from Nepal

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. Check your name from this list. We make the daily updates of this list. The complete name list of dv winners from Nepal is at the end of this article.

EDV 2023 Result

The state government has published the dv result. According to the result nearly 4000 people won the lottery from Nepal. This is similar to the previous years. Due to pandemic there was disturbance in the visa processing for the previous year’s dv lottery winners.

Probably it will not be same this year. If you have won, the lottery then for further processing contact us. Our experts team will provide free counselling for the dv lottery winners.   

American Life for DV Winners

In the early days you have to face challenges in USA. Do not think that there is Dollar Tree in America so that you can pick it up. You have to work hard. But the most important thing is that your siblings will get best education. This is the great opportunity for the dv winners.

Skill Jobs

If you can develop at least one certificate of skill job from American institutes, then you will get good job. Otherwise it is hard to do manual work. Similarly, manual workers have less payment. Therefore, try to get some skills approved by American labor ministry.

Taxi Drivers

The next handsome earning in USA is from taxi driving. You can buy one taxi yourself. Now use this as taxi in the market. Mostly in the festive season taxi has high demand. Basically during new year and Christmas. You can use your car as taxi for certain period of time. It is called online taxi. You can keep the apps on whenever you are free.

In other times you can keep it off. Many Nepali migrants in USA do the same.

Master’s degree holders are driving taxi in USA. Instead of working in ware house it is better. It has good earning as well. If you are able to register your taxi in airports it gives more income.

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