How to get Denmark working visa?

Denmark working visa

People are much crazy to get Denmark working visa. So here we discuss how you can get Denmark working visa. Denmark is the rich European country.

How to get Denmark working visa?

So many people want to live and work Denmark. However it is not so easy to get work permit in Denmark. Here we give you the details about the visa process in Denmark.

Different kinds of visa in Denmark

Short term visa

This type of visa is given to the foreign nationals’ maximum three months in a year. So if you are will for short visit to Denmark you can apply in this category.

We have discussed in our previous article about this short term visa in length for further details you can find over there.

Denmark working visa

The most wanted visa for foreign people in Denmark is Denmark working visa. So to get working visa there are few category like positive list, pay limit scheme, fast track scheme and permanent resident scheme.

All these give you opportunity to live and work Denmark.

Studies Visa

Well under this scheme visa is granted for the student of highly specific area. Similarly basic and youth program also belongs to this group.

Au Pairs

Danish government provides this kind of visa for the visitor in meeting purpose. So if there is international conference and other kinds of meeting the participants gets Au pairs visa.

Family Reunification

The foreign nationals having their blood related family members in Denmark get this type of visa. Basically the off spring living in Denmark calls their parents for reunion.

Asylum Visa

If the foreign nationals cannot live in their home land due to several reasons then they can claim asylum visa in Denmark. However it must be proved from court that it is not safe for him or her to return their home land.

So people who are already in Denmark can claim such visa. If they are really proved as asylum they may get permanent resident visa.

22000 Working Visa for USA

Well the United Steates of America has opened twenty two thousand working visa for nonimmigrant workers. Hence the interested Nepali people can apply for this visa. The visa application is online due to covid 19 pandemic.

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