Denmark Online Application Steps

Denmark Online Application Steps

Well here we give the Denmark online application steps. If you are confused about Denmark online application steps then you are in correct point.

Denmark Online Visa Application Process

Here we give the step by step process for Denmark Green Card application. You need permanent resident card which is known as green card to live and work Denmark.

Denmark Eligible Occupation for Green Card

Here is the list of occupation eligible for green card. Check the list of jobs in the above link.

It is online application so download the form and proceed a head. It is not necessary to go to any consultancy or agents to apply the form.

How to get the Green Card Application Form ?

First of all download the green card lottery form. Then a dialogue box appears, then follow the instruction given over there. This is online application so no need to go any where. Just download the online form. The form is free so no need to pay for it.

Here are few tips for the online visa application to Denmark. So we have an article about online visa application. Therefore for more details you can go to the following article.

Denmark Online Application Steps

It is easy to live and work Denmark by fast track scheme. There are four types fast track scheme. So applying in fast track does not need long processing time. Basically the highly qualified man power which is shortage in Denmark can apply in fast track scheme.

Denmark Green Card Lottery Application Form

Four Fast Track Scheme for Work Permit Visa in Denmark 

The foreign national is employed according to the Pay Limit scheme

This is one of the four fast track scheme to live and work Denmark. In this category the annual payment should not be less than DDK 408800. So such type of high paying employee can enter Denmark by fast track.

Foreign National Employed as Researcher

If the foreign nationals are employed as researcher they do not have to wait longer for visa. They easily get visa via fast track. However there must be the evident why the research should be carried by foreign nationals. Similarly the guest researcher and PhD students are not included in this scheme.

The Purpose of Employment is High Level Education Stay

If the foreign nationals are highly qualified in certain specific area then they are eligible to apply for the fast track application. Similarly the individual seeking the qualified training in Denmark for certified company are also valid for fast track application.

Short Term Stay in Denmark

If the individual does not belong to any group of live and work Denmark then he or she can enroll in this fast track scheme. But the duration of stay in Denmark cannot be longer than 3 months in a year.

So these are the fast track scheme to live and work Denmark. Similarly we have discussed about how to apply for green card as asylum in Denmark in our previous article. So for this go to the following article

How to apply as Asylum in Denmark?

Read the details in our next article.

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