Class Seven Population Practice Questions

class seven population

Class seven population work sheets. Population is also one of the subject for grade seven. This work sheet is prepared for class seven population students. It gives lots of ideas to the students.

  • Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
  1. Scout was established in Nepal in ………………….. .
  2. The consumer is a creature that consumes and digests the …………………. .
  3. Environmental pollution damages the ……………………. of soil.
  4. According to the 2068 B.S. census of Nepal ………………… percentage Nepalese are illiterate.
  5. Some ………………… species of animals are found in Nepal’s forests.
  6. The environment made by the humans is known as …………………… .
  • Rewrite the following sentence correctly.
  1. Air, water, land, vegetation and animals are not the aspects of the environment.
  2. In Nepal census is taken in every five years.
  3. Religious norms and values do not affect birth rates.
  4. Each Nepali needs 400 kg food in a year.
  5. The producers are micro species.
  6. Red Cross came into being in Nepal in 2018 B.S.
  • Write short answer to the following questions
  1. How does the Junior Red Cross help in keeping environment clean and green?
  2. Why is it necessary to control the population growth? Give reasons.
  3. How does the quality of teaching decline due to a large number of students in a classroom?
  4. What are the reasons for the high infant mortality rate?
  5. Write any three functions of curriculum development center related to population education.
  6. Differentiate between organic environment and physical environment?
  • Long answer questions:
  1. Write any five measures of population growth control and describe any one briefly.
  2. What are the effects of environmental degradation on social and cultural aspects in the context of Nepal.
  3. Write what do you mean by water pollution? Write any four effects of water pollution

Work Sheet II

  • Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
  1. Early marriage results in…… birth rates.
  2. Noise pollution makes people physically and…………weak.
  3. People need health services to live a…………….. .
  4. Shortage of nutritious food causes…………….. .
  5. Environmental……………….. causes floods, landslides and soil erosion.
  6. Environment is the basis of……………for all living creatures.
  • Justify the following statements.
  1. Environmental degradation results water scarcity.
  2. Animals start declining due to environmental degradation.
  • Give short answer to the following questions
  1. How does the quality of teaching fall due to a large number of students in a classroom?
  2. What are the effects of environmental degradation on living beings?
  3. How does urbanization result in the imbalance of the environment?
  4. Give reason why population increase owing to social traditions and practices?
  5. How does environmental degradation affect natural resources?
  • Give long answer:
  1. Write down the effects of environmental degradation on health and housing.
  2. Draw a picture to depict environmental degradation.

Work Sheet III

  • Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives and copy it on your answer sheet.
  1. If we divide population number on the basis of geographical regions, it is

          (a) Population composition     (b) Or Population density             (c) And Population distribution.

     2.Water and minerals come under

          (a) Physical environment         (b) Cultural environment         (c) Biological environment

     3. The first national park of Nepal is

          (a) Tse foksundo N.P.             (b) Chitwan N.P.            (c) Sagarmatha N.P.

     4. Which type of family planning measures is Laparoscopy?

          (a) Permanent measures for male

          (b) Temporary measures for female

          (c)  Permanent measures for female

    5. Check dams and embankment help to control

          (a) Soil erosion                                  (b) Water pollution                  (c) overgrazing

  • Rewrite the following sentences with appropriate words in the blank spaces.
  1. Early marriage results in _______________ birth rates.
  2. The rise in the atmospheric temperature is due to the gasses mainly the _______________ gas.
  3. The foods of living organisms under producer group are produced by _______________
  4. The course of population and environment education for the school level is designed and prepared by _______________ under the ministry of education.
  5. Scouting began in Nepal in Jestha _______________ B.S.

More Questions For Class Seven Population

  • Answer these questions:
  1. Write any two things you have done till now for the conservation of environment of your locality.
  2. What five personal events have to be registered under vital registration?
  3. Mention what do you get from forest resources? Hence write in three points.
  4. Why is the population of age group 60 and above less than the population of age group 0-14 in Nepal? Also write a suitable reason.
  5. Prepare a list of any three suggestions to give to a farmer who frequently uses pesticides and insecticides.
  6. Make a list of any three activities that Red-Cross carries out in Nepal.
  7. What effects can air pollution cause? Write in three points.
  8. Mention what are cultural heritages? Why should we conserve them? So  Suggest any three ways to conserve them.
  9. How do water resources get polluted? Write in three points what we should do to conserve this resource.

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