Class Nine Social Studies Practice Questions

class nine social studies

Class nine Social Studies practice questions. Here are two sets of class nine social studies questions. These questions are based on current curriculum of Nepal government.

Current Affair of The World

Give very short answers to the following questions:

  1. Write any one difference between Gross National Income and Per Capita Income.
  2. What do you mean by infrastructure of development?
  3. Write any one function each of ECO Himal and Center for Victims and Torture.
  4. Name the present constitution of Nepal and write full date of its promulgation.
  5. Why is the International Date Line drawn zigzagged?
  6. When did Industrial Revolution take place in England?
  7. Define internal and external trade in your own words.
  8. What is the main cause of international conflict? Write one sentence to support your point.

Give short answers to the following questions:

  1. “Sustainable development creates a long term vision.” Justify the statement in your own words.
  2. Prepare a dialogue between two persons about the drinking water situation of Nepal.
  3. Write differences between Book painting and Wall painting.
  4. How does gender inequality become a complex problem in Nepal? Explain your answer.
  5. Make a list of any four changes brought by New Muluki Ain in our society.
  6. Make a list of some common characteristics of a good constitution and write about any one of them.
  7. It is 7 am in Chicago at 900 west longitude. What is the time of a city that lies on 600 east longitude?
  8. Explain the interrelationship among agriculture, trade and industry.
  9. What do you mean by current affairs? Why should we study about it in social studies?

Answer the following questions:

  1. Draw an outline map of Nepal and locate the following on it. (3+6=9)
  1. Babai River
  2. Sworgadwari
  • famous tourist area
  1. Araniko highway
  2. A tea producing area
  3. Api
  1. How did the three massacre- Kot massacre, Bhandarkhal and Alau paved the way to Jung Bahadur Rana for establishing Rana rule?          (3 x 2 = 6)
  2. Make a list of any two achievements of Rana rule each in the social, economic and administrative fields.


 You might have asked a retired government servant of your community about what should be done to have a good governance which provides speedy, inexpensive and easy services to the public.  Prepare a short report on the basis of following headings.       (1+2+4+2 =9)

  1. Title of the study
  2. Objectives
  • Methods
  1. Findings
  2. Conclusion
  3. Make a list of previous periodical plans (five years plans) with their duration and write in brief about the achievements of them in your own words. (5+4=9)

Work Sheet II

  1. Write any two services which are needed for the all-round development of a country?
  2. Mention any two local organizations which can bring social reforms.
  3. How many chapters and Articles are there in the Interim constitution of Nepal 2063 B.S.?
  4. If there is difference of longitude 400 in the Western hemisphere, what would be the time difference?
  5. How does rainfall take place? Show in an appropriate figure?
  6. When did Prithvi Narayn Shah ascend the throne?
  7. Mention any three advantages of sustainable development.
  8. Prepare a diagram of purification and distribution system of drinking water.
  9. Why is Malla period called the golden age of sculpture? Describe with example.
  10. Why our country is declared a secular state? Give your Idea.
  11. “Gender inequality is a complex problem of our country”. Justify.
  12. What are social problems abolished by Rana?
  13. Preapare a suitable time line with events to show the unification campaign of Prthivi Narayan Shah from 1801 B.S. to 1825 B.S.

      (i)  1801 B.S.           (ii)  1814 B.S.       (iii) 1819 B.S.                (iv)  1825 B.S.

More Questions For Class Nine Social Studies

  1. Why is European economy ahead than the rest of other continent?
  2. Write any four causes of people’s movement II.
  3. What are the influencing factors of climate change?

      How can we minimize the “Green House Effects (GHE)?

  1. How has the technical development changed the life style of people, now?
  2. Locate the following items in the given map of ‘Asia’.

      (i)  Arabian Plateau           (vi) Japan

      (ii) Himalayan Range         (vii) Equator line

      (iii) Bay of Bengal             (viii) Sumatra Island

      (iv)  River Irrawady           (ix) Bankok

      (v) Pamir Khot


      Draw a fullpage map of Nepal and insert the following items on it.                        (3+6)

  • Api             (ii)  Mechi River             (iii) Dhankuta

(iv)  Coffee growing area   (v) Rara Lake                 (vi) Muktinath temple

  1. What were the causes of Anglo-Nepal War.? Describe them briefly
  1. Define the word ‘fundamental rights” What are the fundamental rights provided by the interim constitution of Nepal 2063 B.S.?


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