Class Seven HPE Questions for Revision

Class Seven HPE Questions

Here is the set of Class Seven HPE Questions. This class seven HEP Questions are prepared by subject teacher of the respective subject.

We hope students will get good benefit by this question collection. These are questions for final exam revision for grade seven students. Thousands of students are using this free online resource for learning. Hence we suggest you all to join hand in hand for learning.

Class Seven HPE Questions

A Fill in the blanks:

  1. The colored circle in the eye is the ___________.
  2. Each cell has a thin cover called ___________.
  3. Inside the nucleus are present threadlike substances called _________.
  4. The skull is a combination of _______ bones.
  5. ___________ is the longest bone of our body.
  6. Humans have ________ pairs of ribs.
  7. The face consist of ___________ facial bones.
  8. The skeleton is made up of __________ bones of different shape and size.
  9. ____________ is the main source of energy.
  10. Vitamin A is also name as the __________ vitamin.

B Match the following:

  1. Asthma                                                    [         ] female anopheles mosquitoes
  2. Leishmania donovani                              [         ] tetanu
  3. Cannot be stored in the body                  [         ] vitamin E
  4. Diphtheria                                                [         ] tapeworm
  5. Malaria                                                     [         ] non-communicable disease
  6. Polio                                                         [         ] DPT vaccine
  7. Blood clotting vitamin                               [         ] vitamin D
  8. Sunshine vitamin                                      [         ] vitamin C
  9. Communicable disease                            [         ] infantile paralysis
  10. Body bents like a bow                              [         ] Kala-Azar

C Answer the following questions:

  1. Write down any five important factors for personal hygiene.
  2. What are the various systems in our body? List them.
  3. Write down the sources and functions of protein and fat.
  4. Write down some of the main causes of diseases.
  5. What are the symptoms and preventive measures of pneumonia?
  6. What are the causes and prevention of narcotic drugs?
  7. Write the objectives of First Aid.

D Draw the diagram of a highly air and water polluted area.

Class Seven Science Questions 

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