Child Friendly Education In Nepal

child friendly education

Child friendly education is today’s need. Many years ago at the time of Gurukul system there was system of scolding students. Teacher was supposed to be the center of class. Students should go for rote learning all the lessons. Students have no space for the argument against teacher view. It was supposed to be against the existing system to do so. Students should follow the teacher at that time called guru blindly. Guru they have right to accept or not to anyone as his student.

At that time education was not in access to everyone some so called elite group of people have captured the education sector. Many people among the girls are deprived from education. Girls who are supposed to go to other house after marriage were not allowed to go to Gurukul for education.

They were taught domestic work by their mother for further life. The stream of education was also quite traditional and there was no system of teaching science and other modern subjects in Nepal for many years.

Child Friendly Education Today’s Need

After the introduction of democracy in Nepal in 2007 BS the importance of education was felt by democratic government. There was a kind of wave to establish school in different parts of the country. Many primary and middle school were established in various part of the country. On the top of this though many schools were established the way of teaching remains in traditional way for many years. Hence class rooms were never punishment free for the students.

In conclusion punishment was the only way to improve students’ academic status. Not any concept of child friendly education used to be raised at that time.

Nowadays the situation was changed a lot. Teacher is not the center of learning. Instead of giving knowledge to the student now days it is believed to take out from students itself. Therefore concept of child friendly education is a hot issue today. In conclusion it can be said that child should be given learning environment.

In a nutshell to create the learning environment for the children is a child friendly education.

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