EDV Result with Name List !!!

Online EDV Lottery Result

Check your Online EDV Lottery Result. DV program published the dv lottery result.

2023 DV Winners Name List

Online EDV Lottery Result

 Are you searching for the EDV result? Well, you are in correct destination. Just follow these steps to get online dv lottery result. All of us know that the state government does not produce the name list of DV winners.

EDV Result comes in the first week of May in every year.

The only way to check diversity visa lottery result is the official page of the state government.

DV Winners Name List

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. As mentioned above the state government does not publish the list of dv winners. But it is our attempt to collect the list of dv winners from Nepal. Find the list of 2023 dv winners at the end of this article.

EDV 2023 Result with Name and Address

About four thousand people won the electronic diversity visa lottery 2023 from Nepal. There were around one million applicants from Nepal. Among them four thousand were randomly selected by computer.

DV lottery is completely random selection. Hence there is no any human influence in it.

How to Check DV Result?

Here are the steps to get online dv lottery result.

  • Go to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • It is the official site of dv program.
  • Tap on dv lottery result in this page.
  • Give all the necessary details including confirmation number.
  • Check the details once.
  • Finally submit the page for the online DV lottery result.

In this process if you have any confusion you can contact our team. We have experts team to give help and support for our visitors.

Will there be DV 2024?

Till the date there is no any information that there will not be dv lottery for 2024. Therefore looking at the current situation we can just say that EDV 2024 online application will start at its normal schedule.

EDV 2024 Online Application

The only way to submit the dv lottery application form is the official page of state government. There is no any other way to submit the dv lottery form. You may come across the people telling that they will help you to be selected. It is completely fraud. You must not go after such group of people.

DV Result without Confirmation Number

You need confirmation number to check dv lottery result. But if you have lost the confirmation number still you can check the online EDV result. So for this you have to tap on the confirmation number lost icon in the dv result page.

Now follow the given instruction for the online result.