DV Lottery Online Result

DV Lottery Online Result

State government has published the DV lottery result. Here you can get the DV Lottery Online Result.

DV Lottery Online Result

This year about four thousand people from Nepal won the EDV lottery. Every year millions of people apply for this diversity visa lottery from the world. Basically the country having low migration rate to America are eligible for this lottery.

EDV Result 2023

Electronic diversity visa lottery result 2023 is public now. Hence the dv lottery applicants can check their online result via official page to dv lottery. dv program is the most attractive program of US government.

DV Winners from Nepal

It gives an opportunity for the lottery winners to live and work in America. Similarly it provides permanent resident card for the lottery winners after following some normal procedure during the stay in USA.

EDV Winners Name and Address

DV program does not publish the name and address of the dv winners. It is our attempt to collect the name and address of dv winners from Nepal. We have been doing this for couple of years.

We have the list of dv winners 2023 at the end of this article.

How to Check DV Result?

It is the question of the beginner dv applicants. The repeated applicants might have gone our previous articles. We have mentioned all the steps very clearly to get online dv result.

Well if you are new for the dv lottery follow the following steps to get online diversity visa lottery result.

  • First of all go to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • Supply the confirmation number in the required box.
  • Give you date of birth.
  • Provide the family name in the next box.
  • Finally submit the details for the online dv result.

If you find any confusion during these steps you can contact us. Our expert’s team is ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about DV Result

Here are some frequently asked questions about dv result. we will reply them one by one.

How can I check my DV-2023 result?

We think that you have got the answer of this question from previous paragraph. If just follow those steps you can easily get the online dv result.

Where can I check my DV 2023 results?

EDV 2023 result is available in the official page to the dv program. We have already discussed about it in the beginning of this article. Hence go through this article if you have any confusion.

When can I check my DV Lottery 2023 results?

DV 2023 result will be available from 8 May 2022. So, after this you can check the online dv result in your convenient time. State government does not produce the name list of dv winners. Neither, it informs you via email. The only way to get the dv result is official page to dv program.

Is EDV result 2023 published?

EDV 2023 result is almost ready to publish by today. We will notify you people via gbsnote.com about the dv lottery result. Hence remain with us for all kinds of information about DV lottery.

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