EDV Lottery Online Result !!!

EDV Lottery Online Result

EDV Lottery Online Result is available here. You can check your diversity visa lottery from the official page of dv program.

DV Winners Name List

It is the list of DV winners from Nepal. Check your result from the list of dv winners given at the end of this article.

EDV Lottery Online Result

Check your online DV result from this page. We give the process to find online EDV result.

EDV Result with Name list

EDV 2023 result is now almost ready to publish. The state government will make it public after the first week of May 2022. Here we will provide the name of dv winners from Nepal.

DV program does not publish the name list of dv lottery winners. It is our attempt to collect the name and address of the dv lottery winners from Nepal.

DV Winners from Nepal

It is the list of dv winners from Nepal. According to the result around four thousand people won the diversity visa lottery. It is not the final stage to migrate America.

DV Lottery Second Letter

All the dv lottery winners must face the visa interview with their original document. Hence if you are found fraud in your documents you will get the visa.

Hence all the dv lottery winners may not get visa to migrate America. Similarly there is next chance of not getting second letter. All the lottery winners will not receive the second letter which is most for the visa interview.

Online EDV Result

The government of United States publishes the EDV Lottery by the first week of May 2022. Therefore all dv lottery applicants can check the online dv result by this date. Similarly EDV 2022 is available in the official page till September 2022.

2022 DV Winners from Nepal

It is the list of edv 2022 winners from Nepal. Last year more than four thousand won dv lottery from Nepal. We have the list of EDV 2022 Winners in our previous article. Hence we are not going to repeat the name list in this article. Please check our previous articles for the name list.

How to Check Online DV result?

Here we give the step by step procedure to find the online dv result. People disappear in the internet while getting online diversity visa lottery. There are mushrooming sites calming that they provide DV result.

Steps for Online DV Result
  • Log in to www.dvprogram.state.gov
  • Give your confirmation number
  • Supply your date of birth
  • Enter your family name
  • Finally submit the details for online result.

It is very easy to check the online diversity visa lottery result. Simply computer literate can do it.

DV 2024 Application Form

EDV 2024 begins from October 2022. As soon as the American embassy Kathmandu publishes the notice we will notify our visitors about it. The main thing is that you need valid passport for the dv lottery application. Hence if you do not have the passports take it soon from the concerned authority.

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