NEB Nepal Class 12 Routine

NEB Nepal Class 12 Routine

NEB Nepal Class 12 Routine is out now. National examination board Nepal has recently published the new exam time table for class 12.

Class 12 Updated Routine

It is the updated exam routine of class 12. NEB is planning for physical presence exam for grade 12.

NEB Nepal Class 12 Routine

There was big dilemma about the class 12 board exam. Due to worldwide pandemic of covid 19 the Nepal government ministry of education was unable to conduct secondary education exam SEE 2077.

Therefore students were confused about the class 12 board exams. However the national examination board Nepal finally published the new exam routine for grade 12.

New Exam Routine for Class 12

The Revised Time Table may come like this.

1C. English2079/2/14
2Computer Science2079/2/16
4Travel and tourism2079/2/21
5Chemistry / Economics2079/2/24
6Biology / Principles of accounting2079/2/25
7Business Studies / Mathematics2079/2/27
8C. Nepali / Business Mathematics / Marketing2079/2/28

According to the exam routine the students will have only ninety minutes exam for 100 marks paper. The detail of the NEB exam routine is as follow. The exam starts from Bhadra 2078. It was initially scheduled for second week of Baishak. People will always remember this 2077 batch as corona batch in the history.

Grade 12 Physics Questions

Here is the collection of class 12 physics questions. So the student so class 12 can use it to prepare their exam. It consists of past papers as well as new questions for revision practice. At the same time if you like this questions do not forget to share for your friends as well.

Class 12 Result

Class 12 Chemistry Questions

This is the collection of class 12 chemistry questions. It is best collection for board exam practice. So if you are preparing for class 12 board exams once see these questions. You can get the questions from the above link.

Class 12 English Questions

It is the last batch of old curriculum. This group has old course for both classes 11 and 12. Here is the collection of grade 12 English questions. We hope you will be certainly benefitted from this collection.

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