Important Points for DV Lottery 2023 !!!

Important Points for DV Lottery 2023

Are you ready for the dv lottery online application? Here are Some Important Points for DV Lottery 2023. Give two minutes to read these points.

Important Points for DV Lottery 2023

Follow the dv lottery norms so that your application will not be disqualified for the random selection. There are many code of conducts that you have to follow.  

Correctly Filled DV Lottery Form

Every year millions of people apply for the American Green Card lottery i.e. dv lottery. At the same time thousands of applications are being disqualified. Here are some reasons for DV Lottery application disqualification.

When can I apply for DV Lottery 2023?

DV lottery online application begins from the second week of October 2021. So this year dv lottery online registration starts from the same date and time as it was last year. However as soon as the official notice from the state government publishes we will attach it over here.

Which countries are eligible for DV 2023?

Here is the list of eligible countries. Once go through this list of eligible nations to check either your birth country is eligible for the dv lottery 2023 or not. Every year this list is being updated. Hence make it sure that you are eligible for the dv lottery registration.

Is Nepal eligible for dv 2023?

Yes, Nepal is eligible for the dv lottery 2023. Hence all the Nepali citizens fulfilling the norms of the diversity visa lottery can register for the dv lottery. There are many others rules and regulation for the dv lottery. Each candidate must fulfill it for the online lottery application.

Is passport required for DV Lottery 2023?

Passport for the main applicant is mandatory since couple of years. Hence you must have valid passport for the dv lottery application. It is essential for the main applicant only. It means if the husband is the main applicant then passport is not required for his spouse.

Is my photo OK for DV lottery?

Photo plays a vital role in your dv lottery application. Every year thousands of applications are being disqualified due to wrong photograph. Hence before submitting your dv lottery online application form check your dv lottery photograph.

First of all, make the dv lottery photo in 600 by 600 pixels’ size. Keep the background clear white. More than 60 percent of the photograph must be occupied by your head.

How do I take pictures of the lottery?

You can use digital camera to take the pictures for dv lottery. But do not animate the natural photograph.

Is there a picture on a green card?

Year this will be your picture in the green card.

Can I use old photo for DV lottery?

We encourage to take the recent photograph for the dv lottery. However according to the rule of diversity visa lottery you picture in the dv form cannot be more than 6 months old.

Can I use Photoshop to edit DV lottery photo?

You cannot edit the dv lottery photographs. But you can use Photoshop to crop and resize the photos for the dv lottery.

How can I crop my photo for US DV lottery?

You can use many software’s to crop the dv photo. Like you can use Photoshop or paint software as well. Any way you can crop the photo according to the size of dv lottery. But never give the unnecessary effects and animation in your pictures.

Is my photo OK for 2023 EDV lottery?

As mentioned above you have to make online checking of dv lottery pictures. There are so many free online software’s to check the dv lottery photographs.

It is wise to check the photo size and its quality before submitting the online dv lottery form.

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