EDV Winners Name List !!!

How to Check DV Result

Dvprogram.state.gov has published the dv lottery result. Here we have the steps for How to Check DV Result.

EDV Winners Name List

Check your name from this list. DV Winners name and address is given here.

Updates: State government has published the EDV Lottery Result.

How to Check DV Result

Complete this form to check the online dv lottery result.

Confirmation Number:

# give 16 digits confirmation number over here

Last name or family name:

Like Gurung etc.

Date of Birth

give your date of birth


provide authentication

Email Address:

supply your email address

EDV Winners Name List

It is the list of dv lottery winners from Nepal. The American government and department of diversity visa lottery does not publish the list of dv lottery winners. It is our attempt to collect the name list of dv lottery winners from Nepal.

Nepal DV Lottery Winners Name List

Find the list of dv lottery winners from this page. We have the list to dv lottery winners at the end of this page. This year about 5000 people won the dv lottery from Nepal. It might be the last chance for the Nepali citizens for the dv lottery.

Do not wonder for how to check dv result here and there.

DV Result 2024

The department of dv program publishes the online result by 7 May 2023. This result will remain in the official server up to the end of September 2023. Hence dv applicants can also check the online edv result from this page.

How to Check EDV Result

Follow these steps to check the online dv lottery result.

  • First of all, go to dvprogram.state.gov
  • Give the confirmation number in the required space.
  • Supply the date of birth in the required space.
  • Finally submit this detail for the result.

If you still face some problems to get the online result, just contact us. Our expert’s team will solve your problem.

DV Lottery History in Nepal

The diversity visa lottery history in Nepal is not so long. In the early days people from the urban areas used to fill the dv lottery application. At that time, it was in the paper application. It means people have to send the application with the attached photographs to USA.

People from the remote areas were unknown about it. In course of time, it became the digital application. Similarly, the application became online. Since then, more people from Nepal learn about the dv lottery.

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