Grade 11 English Entrance Questions

grade 11 entrance

Grade 11 English questions for entrance exam. These questions are intended for various plus two colleges of Nepal.

Read the following passage and answer the given questions

Nine years old Suresh was troublesome at school. His parents were well off, but they lived separately. His father had married another woman and left Suresh’s mother. Suresh was in the habit of pushing children for no apparent reason, and once he scratched a girl’s leg with a pencil and it bled. Suresh was also a problem at home. There was a close connection between his home circumstances and his behavior at school. He lived with his mother and a younger brother with whom he quarreled all the time. His mother seemed to prefer his brother, who was much better behaved at home and much more successful at school than Suresh. Suresh made his mother angry. She tried not to favour her younger son, but she was aware that it seemed as if she did.

It seemed very obvious that Suresh’s attacks on other children at school were connected with his jealousy of his younger brother. He attacked his brother at home, just as he attacked other children at school. His attacks on his brother were, of course, linked to his feelings of being unwanted and unloved at home.

They also ensured that his mother took notice of him. Similarly, his attacks on the other children at school gained him the teacher’s attention. Once he had the teacher’s attention, e.g. when she talked to him, he could be very appealing. Just as his frequent quarrel with his younger brother could be seen as his way of telling his mother that he felt hurt by her preference for the younger child; he showed his teacher that he was hurt when she paid attention to other children. Neither his mother nor his teacher neglected him but neither of them could give him as much attention as he desired.

Suresh’s attention-seeking behavior made the teacher’s life very difficult. She understood that he wanted and needed attention yet, as he was only one of 40 children in the class she could not give him what he wanted. She also had to protect the other children from his attacks. So she had to reprimand him and punish him, just as his mother did at home. In this way Suresh was caught in a vicious circle which was difficult to break. He wanted to be loved, he felt angry because he could not get what he wanted, he attacked other children because he was angry, and therefore could not get the love that he wanted.

  1. Put the following sentences in the correct order:
  2. The mother tried not to favour her younger son, but she was aware that it seemed as if she did.
  3. Suresh’s attention seeking behavior made the teacher’s life very difficult.
  4. Suresh lived with his mother and a young brother.
  5. The teacher had to rebuke Suresh and punish him, just as his mother did at home.
  1. Write the words from the above passage that are opposite in meaning to the following words:
  2. off-putting      ii.   command                        iii.   obscure               iv.   oppose
  3. Answer the following questions:
  1. What was the ‘vicious circle’ that Suresh was caught in?
  2. Why did the teacher reprimand and punish Suresh?
  3. What do you think were the main reasons responsible for his bad behavior?

Read the following passage and answer the given questions

         “Please, God let my son live” I pleaded during the hour-long drive to the hospital. All I knew was that Terry and his friend Lowell Chubs had been in a terrible car accident early that Saturday morning July in 1984. My son was eighteen with wife and beautiful six-week old baby girl, Amber. Since we had no phone at that time, a neighbour had come over to tell me the hospital was trying to contact us. There had been a bad accident. My husband Jerry was on errands with our other two sons, Perry and George, ages seventeen and ten. Terry’s place was out a mile away, so I drove over to break the news to his wife, Sandy. Chubs’ wife was there also. With car full of various family members, we sped off to the hospital in a panic.

         We prayed unceasingly, pleading for the lives of Terry and Chubs. My shock prevented any tears. I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. We lived a simple but happy life in a modest, two-bed-room house in Marshall, Arkansas. The two youngest boys lived at home while my daughters, Tammy, and Terry both lived close by with their spouses. At that time, my husband Jerry worked as a mechanic. I had been employed at a shirt factory for eight years.

         When we reached the hospital, we were told the boys had both been taken by helicopter to Springfield Hospital, a trauma center that was three hours away. We got back into the car for the longest drive of our lives. At the trauma center we were taken aside so medical personnel could prepare us. Terry had a brain stem injury. This meant paralysis was a possibility. He had been given medications to reduce his brain swelling, but the swelling still continued

  1. Match the words in column ‘A’ to their meanings in column ‘B’:

Column ‘A’                                 Column ‘B’

  1. reduce                             [      ] debilitation
  2. modest                            [      ] drugs in the form of medicine
  3. paralysis                          [      ] bring down
  4. medications                    [      ] not very large
  1. State whether the following statements are true or false:
  2. The incident took place before thirty-six years.
  3. The writer worked in a factory.
  4. Medications helped to reduce brain swelling.
  5. The boys were driven to the trauma centre in an ambulance.
  1. Answer the following questions based on the passage:
  2. What did the writer request for?
  3. How were they informed about the accident?
  4. Why were the people taken to the hospital?

Read the following advertisement and answer the questions given below.

Vacancy announcement

Kathmandu Nursing College invites applications from qualified candidates for the post of Nursing Tutor.

Minimum Qualification: B.Sc. Nursing/ B.N. Nursing / good English

Required No.: Some

Deadline for submission of application: 24th March 2016

Candidates with Master in Nursing are highly preferred and prioritized during the selection. Interested individuals are requested to send their applications to the following address with a copy of their academic certificates, CV, citizenship and a recent passport size photograph.

No telephone queries will be entertained.

Kathmandu Nursing College

Sinamangal, Kathmandu

P.O. Box 2789

Rewrite the passage filling in the gaps with appropriate words from the given text:

The given text is an _______ of a college for the post of a nurse. One with ________ can apply for the post. Preference will be given to those with _________. Applications must be reached on or before March 24, 2016.

  1. Find the words from the text that have the following meanings:
  2. cut-off point    aspirants c.   up to the minute d.   mentor
  1. Answer the following questions based on the advertisement:
  2. Where should a candidate send the application to?
  3. What things should be submitted with the application?
  4. Who are preferred during the selection?
  5. What is the perk and remuneration for the advertised post?

Write a short story with the help of the outlines given below and give a suitable title to it.

         Two girls walking along the road ______ notice a wallet near a large tree by the road _____ wallet containing a lot of money ______ an identity card and ATM card of the owner _____ the girls return the wallet to the man ____ the owner pleased _____ praised the honesty of the two school girls ____ gives them two thousand rupees each ____ girls buy new books and stationeries for their studies ______ moral.

Rewrite the following sentences choosing the best alternatives from the brackets:

  1. They have _____ unicorn horse. (a/ an/ the/ X)
  2. Make haste, ____ you will miss the train. (so/ but/ else)
  3. They’d rather join another school, _______? (didn’t they/ hadn’t they/ wouldn’t they)
  4. A series of novels ________ me to know about different novelists. (helps/ help/ helping)
  1. She cut the tree but she ______ its branches. (doesn’t cut/ do not cut/ didn’t cut)
  2. ‘He put the book on the table’. The interrogative form of the given sentence is ______. (Does he put the book on the table?/ Did he puts the book on the table/ Did he put the book on the table?)
  3. This book is not long. I ________ it by lunch time. (will be reading/ will have read/ will have been reading)
  1. Ram said to her friend, “__________?” She replied that she was from Doti.

(Where she is from/ where she was from/ where are you from)

  1. We have to earn more money. The other way to say this is: More money _________.

(have to be earned/ had to be earned/ has to be earned)

  1. I lost my hat ______ negligence. (through/ with/ for)
  2. If Nepal surrendered to India, she _____ us in every field.

(would support/ would have supported/ supports)

  1. My daughter does not like to eat green vegetables. I ask her she has to. I make her ________ green vegetables. (eat/ to eat/ eating)

Grade 11 English Practice Question

  1. Rewrite the following passage with the best alternatives given in the brackets:

Once I happened to visit a village far from the town. ______ (A/ An/ The) village was full of natural beauties. There were not many houses which were made ______ (in/ of/ from) mud and bricks. The village was very neat and clean. In one place, ______ (a sheep/ sheep/ sheeps) were grazing under the trees. Shepherds were playing ‘dandi biyo’. _______ (In spite of/ Though/ Because of) their attention to the game, they did not take any notice of me.

While they were playing the game, I _____ (played/ was playing/ had played) with a white lamb. I ______ (pleased/ had pleased/ was pleased) with the lamb. But one of the boys came to me and rebuked me ______ (to play/ not to play/ not to be played) with the lamb. If he had not behaved in such a way, I _______ (will enjoy/ would enjoy/ would have enjoyed) happily for a long time. It made me _____ (leave/ to leave/ left) the place. I think he should not have behaved so, _____ (shouldn’t he/ should he/ doesn’t he)?


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