DV Lottery New Rules

DV Lottery New Rules

State government is going to introduce DV Lottery New Rules. DV lottery applicants must meet these rules to submit EDV 2024 application.

Apply Now

Submit this eligibility test form. It will tell you either you are eligible for the dv lottery or not. As you know only the eligible candidates can submit the online DV lottery application form.

DV Lottery New Rules

These are the new proposed rules for diversity visa lottery. The new rules for the dv lottery are under discussion. As soon as it is passed from the parliament it acts as rule.

  • Must have SLC for the main applicant.
  • Valid passport is compulsory.
  • Email address for the correspondence
  • Recent photograph.

Online Form

DV lottery online form is available in the official website of state government. There are no any private agents to submit online EDV form. Hence never go after such people. Have you heard about the online booking of dv lottery? it is fake. There no provision of early booking of dv lottery application.

You Can

Eligible nation’s citizens can fill the dv lottery online application form. However you must meet the above conditions for the lottery. if you are not able to fulfill the minimum criteria then you will not get the visa.

DV Lottery verses Visa

Winning the lottery does not confirm your visa for America. You have to face the visa interview. If your submitted documents during the lottery applications are found incorrect your visa will be rejected. Similarly if you are found submitting some fake information then it results visa rejection.

When Will DV 2024 Open?

EDV 2024 begins from the first week of October 2023. Hence all the interested candidates can submit their online application form from here. More about it you can learn from our previous articles. So to know the latest information about dv lotteries remain with us. 

What is the last date of EDV 2024?

Generally DV lottery application period remains for five weeks. So the last date for EDV 2024 will be the third week of November 2023. But kindly suggest you to submit your application as early as possible. The past trend shows that the probability for the DV lottery winning is high for early applicants. Hence do not wait for the last date to submit online dv form.

What is the last date of EDV 2023?

EDV 2023 is over now. People are getting their result at this moment. It was over in November 2022. If you have submitted the diversity visa lottery form for 2023 now you can check the online result.

What are the requirements for EDV?

The applicants of dv lottery require the following documents.

  • Passport with minimum six months validity
  • Currently taken digital photograph
  • Email address
  • Family details
  • Some other as per the online form

USA Seasonal Working Visa

If you are unable to win the dv lottery still you can move to USA under seasonal working visa. This visa will let you to work and remain in USA for six months. Details about it we have in our previous articles.

This USA seasonal working visa is for agriculture workers. United States takes more than 20 thousand migrant workers in agriculture sector. People with this visa will work in horticulture sector.

USA Green Card Visa

If you are willing to start business in USA then you might be eligible for the green card. The foreign investors get such green card from fast track. The minimum amount of investment and number of employment generation is different in different sectors.

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