Correctly Filled EDV Form, Model and Requirements

Correctly Filled EDV Form

Every year thousands of online DV lottery forms are being disqualified. So, here we provide one sample of Correctly Filled EDV Form.

Fill Online DV Lottery

Diversity visa lottery online form is available in the official page of dv lottery. So, it is not available in the private sectors websites. We can see many people telling that they can increase the chance of winning the dv lottery.

It is fraud. There is no way to increase the probability of winning the dv lottery.

Correctly Filled EDV Form

DV lottery is completely random selection process. It is computer based selection process. But if your application is incorrect then is such case your application will not be included in the lottery process. Hence you must fill the dv lottery form correctly. Only the correctly filled forms are included in the random selection process.

2023 DV Application Date

The dv lottery online application for 2023 begins from the second week of October 2021. Hence it is the right time to prepare for the dv lottery required documents. Here is the list of documents required to complete the online dv lottery form.

Correct Size Photograph

The main component of the dv lottery is photograph. The wrong size photos make your application disqualified. So pay attention while preparing the photographs. You cannot use the last year dv lottery photo this year.

Similarly the digital photos older than 6 months are also not accepted by the software. 

Passport Details

Fill all the personal details according to your passport. The main applicant of the dv lottery needs to submit the passport details in the application form. So, if you give wrong information in the application form then you will not get the visa though you won the lottery.

How to make correct size DV photo?

It is the question in the mind of dv applicants. So follow these steps to make correct size dv lottery photo size.

  • Take you digital photo with white background.
  • Do now wear ornaments or hat.
  • Cover more than 60 percent of your photo with your head.
  • Never animate the photo.

Beside this if you have any question about dv lotteries contact us. Our team is ready to help and support you guys.

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