Spain Work Visa: Requirements and How to Apply

Spain Work Visa

Non EU citizens need to obtain Spain work visa to live and work in Spain. So, without work visa companies are not allow to enroll non EU citizens.

Apply EU Work Visa

Are you willing to live and work in Spain? Well, complete this online application form to find either you are eligible to live and work in Spain or not.

Spain Work Visa

There are different types of work visa for Spain. Here we discuss about it. The working visa depends upon your job and length of your employment. Hence if you want to live and work for long term it is different than the temporary working visas.

Different Types of Work Visas

These are working visa for Spain. So according to your knowledge and skill you can choose the appropriate visa.

  • Long-term Work Visas
  • Seasonal Work Visas
  • Au Pair Visas
  • EU Blue Card

How do I get a work visa for Spain?

There are so many kinds of Spanish work visa. In most cases you have to go to the Spanish embassy or consulate office in your country. But in some other cases the employer will initiate your visa process on behalf of employee.

Is it easy to get a work permit in Spain?

This is little hard question. As mentioned above your qualification and experience play a vital role to get working visa for Spain. Some skilled jobs known as shortage occupation get working easily. This is job which is not possible to fulfill from the European labor market. In such case the employer apply petition on behalf of employee.

How much is a Spanish work visa?

Spain offers different working visa for non EU citizens. So, to learn more about it please go through this article till the end.

How can I work legally in Spain?

You must get working visa to live and work in Spain legally. No one is allowed to work without obtaining the work visa. So, to learn all the details how to get the work visa in Spain read this article till the end.

Visa for Seasonal Workers

The process of getting seasonal workers visa is same as of skilled workers. Employer need to apply on behalf of the employee from the ministry of labor.

Seasonal worker must prove that he or she has arranged the accommodation. Similarly, you must show that you have enough fund for your travelling cost. On the other hand, you have to assure that you will leave Spain soon your visa will over.

For more details see the official page i.e.

We will talk more about Spanish working visa in our next article.

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