USA Working Visa Job Process !!!

People may not believe on it. Here discuss on USA Working Visa Application Process.

Vacancy announcement notice is at the end of this article. Hence you can choose the job according to your knowledge and skill.

Apply Online Job

Online job applications are available in the company website. If your job application with bio data meets the requirement then you will get message about your job approval.

Online Job in America

America is undergoing on labor shortage. Hence private companies based in USA can take foreigners in their companies. Similarly USA itself provides seasonal working visa in agriculture as well as industrial sectors.

Eligibility Test

Take very short online test. This will lead you either you are eligible for the US working visa job or not. Only eligible candidates can apply for the job.

Apply Now

Find vacancy in USA. According to your knowledge and skill choose the classified jobs. While choosing the job, think about your caliber and capacity. Sometime wrong selection of the job leads to the visa rejection.

USA Working Visa Application Process

People with the following criteria can apply for US working visa job.

Physical Requirement

  • BMI not more than 24
  • Good medical report
  • Height minimum 5 feet 4 inch
  • With smart looking

This physical requirement is different for different companies and states.

There are 50 states in America. The entire states have their own rules and regulations. Hence people eligible for one state may not be physically eligible for the next.

Academic Qualification

It is not hard and fast for the manual job. However candidates must be able to communicate in English language. But it does not mean to take authentic certificate for English language proficiency test.

Job Application Process

First of all you have to find the job in USA. You can search the online job according to your knowledge and skill. As soon as you find the appropriate job make online application. The employer will send you job approval letter from the ministry of labor in America.

Working Visa Types

There are several kinds of working visa for America. Hence you have to choose the visa according to your work experience or qualification. We have talked in length about it in our previous articles. Hence check for details.

$65 per Hour

You can earn 65 dollar per hour by typing the given text. This job is online job. You do not have to move USA for such jobs. Living in your home country you can earn foreign currency. On the top of this you can work in your leisure time.

Customer Care Assistance

In this job you have to work as assistance for the related company. You need few days’ online orientation to collect the information about the organization. It might be the best part time job for the youths.

Data Entry Job

Company is looking for the data entry operator. In this job you have enter the data in the prescribed web page.

The job is administrative. Hence the interested qualified candidate can apply for this job.

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