Denmark Abroad Jobs for Nepali !!!

Seasonal Work in Denmark

Seasonal Work in Denmark is now open. Just go through this article to get the complete information about seasonal working visa in Denmark.

Apply Denmark Seasonal Working Visa Job

Create your job application ID from official website of Danish government. It is

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We give all the detail information about the company which provide seasonal working visa. Similarly we give you the phone number and online application webpage address for the online job application.

Recruitment Process for Agro Jobs in Denmark

Well here are the steps to get seasonal working visa job in agriculture. Just follow these four steps. It is not sure that you will get the job. But most important thing is to make an attempt.

# 1.Complete Online CV

The first and early stage is to complete your Curriculum Vitae form. This will help you to make multiple applications from a single account.

# 2.Take Online Job Interview

The recruiting company will take your online interview. Therefore during the interview you must have good backup for your internet. It must not be interrupted.

#3.Matching Job with your bio data

The Danish company searching job for you will find the best match for you. According to your CV the company will find the best matching jobs. In this process the company works on behalf of the employee.

#4.Get Settled with your New Job

At last when you get the appropriate job according to your knowledge and qualification then get settled in Denmark.

This is all online procedure. Hence you must not go after the agents and pay huge amount.

If you want to learn more about Denmark seasonal work permit visa job check the reliable companies official website. We have listed the best company’s details at the end of this article.

Seasonal Work in Denmark

If you can answer yes to these questions then you can apply for seasonal working visa job in Denmark. Basically European nations take seasonal workers in summer season.

  • Are willing to work as seasonal workers
  • Do you have work experience
  • Minimum knowledge of computer for online application
  • Well motivated for the European jobs

Denmark Work Visa Fee

You have to pay the following amount for the work visa in Denmark. There are several positive jobs in Denmark for the foreigners. Hence choose the occupation as of your qualification.

Danish Green Card Scheme

Denmark provides the green card for the individuals fulfilling the minimum requirement.

  • Education: Minimum Bachelor degree in any discipline. Master’s degree may get bonus point. Similarly students from 400 universities of European countries get additional benefits.  
  • Language: you must be fluent in any one of these languages. Like English, German, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian
  • You occupation must be in the Danish positive list.

Beside this you can learn more about it from the official page of Danish government.

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