2079 New Year Calendar !!!

Nepali Calendar 2079

Here is Nepali Calendar 2079 with detail information. We have the list of public holidays for 2022/023.

Nepali Calendar 2079

Nepali Bhittya Patro 2079 is out now. So you can get this calendar in your mobile phone. Beside the calendar we give the list of public holidays in this list.

2079 Public Holidays List

It is the list of Public holidays for the year 2079 in Nepal.

Nepali Calendar 2079

Baisakh 2079

The first day of Baisakh is Thursday. There are five Saturdays in this month. The 18th of this month is the international labor’s day. It is public holiday in Nepal.

Almost all days of this month marriage ceremony is viable. More details get from the calendar given below.

Jestha 2079

It is the second month of Nepali calendar. Basically days are longer and hot in this month. Farmers are busy for paddy plantation in this month. The second day of this month is Buddha Jayanti. It is public holiday throughout the country.

Asar 2079

The paddy day in Nepal falls in this month. It is rainy month in Nepal. Similarly there are chances of flood and land slide due to heavy rain in Asar.

It is not the favorable time for the tourist. There are 32 days in this month. Looking at the calendar there is no public holiday beside Saturdays in this month.

Shravan 2079

The next rainy month in Nepal is Shravan. The monsoon remains active during this month. Similarly to Asar there is heavy rain through this month in the country. Hence this month is again not good for trekking.

26 Shravan is a public holiday on the occasion of Janai Purnima. All the schools colleges and government offices remain closed on this day.  

Bhadra 2079

The first day of Bhadra 2079 is Wednesday. The greatest festival of Nepali women Teej falls in this month. The Haritalika Teej is on 14 Bhadra. Beside this there are no other public holidays. However every Saturday is public holiday which is obvious.

Ashoj 2079

The great festival of Nepali community Dashain Falls in this month. The 3rd Ashoj is the constitution day in Nepal. It is public holiday. The first day of Dashain i.e. Ghatasthapana is on Asoj 10 2079.

Kartik 2079

It is the month of Tihar. Tihar is festival of light. People decorate different kinds of fancy lights in their home. Basically kids they enjoy a lot in Tihar. People enjoy Dausi and Bhailo on the occasion of Tihar.

6 Kartik is the first day of Tihar. The most important day Bhai Tika is on 10 Kartik 2079. More about this festival you can read in our previous articles.

Mangsir 2079

In Nepal the cold season begins from this month. Temperature gradually falls day by day. Farmers are busy to harvest paddy during this month. It is the best season for trekking. People enjoy having feast in this month.

More about the public holidays and other special occasion check the calendar given above.

Poush 2079

Christmas day and Tamu Losar falls in this month. It is very cold month in Nepal. The main cold season of Nepal is Poush and Magh. Days are shorter and nights are longer in this month. There is no marriage function in this month.

Magh 2079

The tenth month of Nepali calendar is Magh. The first day of this month is public holiday. It is maghi parba in Nepal. Basically Tharu community observe this day with grand functions in their community.

Falgun 2079

The second last month of Nepali calendar is Falgun. Holi and Shivaratri fall in this month. 6 Falgun is Shivaratri. Similarly, 23 Falgun is Holi festival in hilly district. The terai people observe the Holi on the next day of Hilly district.  

Chaitra 2079

The last month in Nepali calendar is Chaitra. In this month there are several festivals and public holidays. Ghode Jatra and Ram Nawami fall in this month.

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