South Korea Work Permit Visa !!!

South Korea has different kinds of work permit visa. Hence we discuss on South Korea Work Permit Visa.

Seasonal Working Visa in Korea

South Korea Work Permit Visa

Such visa grants you to temporary stay in Korea. There are 8 types of work permit visa in Korea. The type of visa depends upon the knowledge and skill you own.

Korean Work Permit Application

If you are not eligible for the work permit visa then you can start business in Korea. So, to start business you need self-employment visa. Such visas are available for those who are looking for both temporary and permanent residence permit.

South Korea Working Visa

People applying for South Korean visa must know that it is not easy to get work permit visa. So, you must have good skill for the working visa.

The requirement for the work permit visa is quite high. Hence it might be confusing as there are many ways to apply visa. Therefore first of all decide yourself for the type of visa.

Visa Application Fee

The visa fees are paid in USD. The cost of the visa depends upon the type of visa. Hence go through this article till the end to learn more about the visa application process and visa fee.

Point System for Self- employment Visa

Point based system is in effect for the self-employment visa. Hence if you are willing to run your own business it can be your choice. The visa lets you to run your business in Korea. The detail process for this visa is given below.

It is long term stay F-2-7 visa. It is similar to holding permanent residence visa. The permanent residence visa is F-5 visa.

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Things to Know

  • If you are willing to stay Korea for more than 90 days than you have register with local immigration authorities.
  • It is not sure that you can enter Korea having valid visa. The customs officer can still refuse you to enter the country.
  • South Korea visas are valid only for three months. Hence if you are not able to pick up visa from immigration office it will be invalid.

Employment Based Visas

There are different kinds of work based visas. Hence work permit depends on your work and skill. Long term visa are as follow.

E-1 Professor Visa

This visa is for the experts willing to work in universities for the research in their field of study. The universities professors are eligible for this visa. It is multiple entry visas valid for one year.

This visa can be renewed after one year.

E-2 Foreign Language Instructor

This visa is for the foreign language instructors willing to work at broad casting station or schools. This teacher must be working above the elementary school level.

Teachers working as foreign language teaching assistants can apply this visa. This is multiple entry visas valid for two year. This multiple visa can be renewed after two years.

E-3 Research

This visa is for the expats invited by public or private institution to run research in natural science and advanced technology. This is also multiple entry visas. It is valid for one year and can be renewed in one year time.

E-4 Technological Guidance

The experts with knowledge in natural science and high level technology are eligible for this visa. Similarly if you have skills unavailable in Korea then you are eligible for this visa.

This is multiple entry visas. It is valid for one year.

E-5 Special Profession

People of special professions like doctors, accountants, lawyers and architects can apply for this visa. However these people must have international level license of their profession.

Similarly you need Korean government to work in your field.  

E-6 Culture and Art

People from the music and art background are eligible for this visa. Dancers and actors can apply this visa. Individual working in pop entertainment and adult entertainment can get this visa.

Well more about the South Korea work Permit visa we will discuss in our upcoming articles.

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