Nepal local level election result, live vote count

nepal local level election result

Nepal local level election result live vote count is going on. You can check the Nepal local level election result live vote count over here. Local level election in three provinces is complete now. Similarly the remaining four provinces will observe the election on 14 June 2017. So you can visit this page to see live vote counting for local level election.

How to see Nepal local level election result live vote count???

मत गणनाको परिणाम

The authorized body for the Nepal election result is Nirbachan Aayog (Nepal election commission). Nepal Election commission has started publishing result of Nepal Election. You can check Nepal election result party wise or the list of winning candidates as per your choice. Following are the options provided by Election commission Nepal result. Nirbachan Aayog has listed following results.

FPTP party wise results

Party wise Results status

Winning Candidates

Constituency Wise Top 3 candidates

District wise total vote count

Constituency wise casted/ valid/ invalid votes

Party wise count in Nation

At the same time you can also download the Nepal election result online.

Latest Updates of Nepal election Result

Here we provide the latest updates of Nepal election result 2074. Nirbachan Aayog has already started counting the votes of local level election. So the latest updates given by the election commission are available here. So, it is far easier for the people to get the latest vote counting updates.

Nepal election Result vote counting Updates

Nepal election commission gives the latest vote counting result. Similarly these updates are available in this page. So if you like our Facebook page GbsNote you will get the current updates of vote counting. The official site of Nepal election commission is

Nepal Local Election Parties and Candidates

Well if you are interested about the parties and the candidates of local level election 2074 you can check it online. So to check all this you can visit the Nirbachan Aayog website.

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